Square Cutting Tool Inserts Datasheets

High Shear Milling Insert -- SECN-42A6FR4
from Greenleaf Corporation

A high-performance grade for milling steels at high speed. Should be used when milling forged and cast steels and selected ductile irons. A unique combination fo toughness and heat resistance makes it suitable for heavy and light duty milling at high speeds. [See More]

  • Shape: Square
  • Tip Angle: 90°
  • Application: Boring; Turning
  • I.C.: 0.500
80º Diamond Chip Control Boring Bar Replacement Inserts -- ACD507L2E
from SCT - Scientific Cutting Tools, Inc.

Features. All inserts are precision ground and top polished. Inserts available in .003, .007, and .015. corner radius. Grade ALTiN coated for steel and cast irons. Grade ZrCN coated for non-ferrous. Grade uncoated for ferrous and non-ferrous. Submicron grade solid carbide. One low profile screw fits... [See More]

  • Shape: Square; Chipbreaker
  • Tip Angle: 80°
  • Application: Boring
  • I.C.: 0.156
Internal Threading Insert -- 90014
from Stanley Engineered Fastening - Spiralock

Spiralock ® is a unique and proprietary preload locking internal (female) thread form that's exceptionally resistant to transverse vibration -- the primary cause of thread loosening. Proven in thousands of applications, Spiralock threaded holes and nuts accept standard male fasteners, eliminate... [See More]

  • Shape: Triangle (optional feature); Square (optional feature); Single, Multi-Tooth
  • Tip Angle: 60° (optional feature); 90° (optional feature)
  • Application: Threading
  • Material: Carbide
QDSI 34 -- SCMT-09T304
from Allied Machine & Engineering Corp.

ANSI designation SCMT 3(2.5)1, positive rake to reduce cutting forces [See More]

  • Shape: Square; Indexable; Chipbreaker
  • Tip Angle: 90°
  • Application: Drilling
  • I.C.: 0.375
90° Square Shoulder Inserts -- APET & XPET CNC Pressed Inserts
from Dapra Corporation

The most economical, high-performance inserts available!. APET and XPET inserts are manufactured using CNC press technology, providing reliable accuracy and repeatability. Feature a high positive pressed cutting geometry for aggressive material removal rates and low horsepower consumption. Have a... [See More]

  • Shape: Square
  • Tip Angle: 90°
  • Application: Milling
  • Radius: 0.120
ANI Turning Insert -- S**A
from Knight Carbide

A.N.S.I insert, optional radius or chamfer and honing available [See More]

  • Shape: Square; Unground (optional feature); Indexable (optional feature); Dished (optional feature)
  • Tip Angle: 90°
  • Application: Turning
  • Material: Micrograin (optional feature); Carbide (optional feature); Cermet (optional feature)