55° Cutting Tool Inserts Datasheets

QDSI 34 -- DCGT-070202
from Allied Machine & Engineering Corp.

ANSI designation DCGT 2(1.5)0.5, positive rake to reduce cutting forces [See More]

  • Tip Angle: 55°
  • Shape: Diamond; Indexable; Chipbreaker
  • Application: Drilling
  • I.C.: 0.250
Mini-Feed Inserts -- RF08-D
from Dapra Corporation

Mini-feed inserts have the smallest IC (inscribed circle) and smallest cross section. It is suggested to run a good common-sense combination of feed and DOC with these inserts. When running a light DOC, the higher end of the feed range is acceptable. When running heavier DOC, use the lower to middle... [See More]

  • Tip Angle: 55°
  • Shape: Hex; Dished
  • Application: Cutoff
  • I.C.: 0.315
55° Diamond Chip Control Insert -- DNGG-430.3-TF
from Greenleaf Corporation

55 degree diamond insert, precision finishing config [See More]

  • Tip Angle: 55°
  • Shape: Diamond; Chipbreaker
  • Application: Milling; Turning
  • I.C.: 0.500
ANI Turning Insert -- D**A
from Knight Carbide

A.N.S.I insert, optional radius or chamfer and honing available [See More]

  • Tip Angle: 55°
  • Shape: Diamond; Unground (optional feature); Indexable (optional feature); Dished (optional feature)
  • Application: Turning
  • Material: Micrograin (optional feature); Carbide (optional feature); Cermet (optional feature)