Video Display Terminal Water Quality Photometers and Colorimeters Datasheets

Phosphate Analyzer -- AW642
from ABB Measurement & Analytics

Navigator 600 Phosphate Analyzer AW642. Many years of experience and innovation in the design and successful application of continuous chemical analyzers has been combined with the latest electronics and production technologies to produce the Navigator 600 Series of analyzers from ABB. Based on... [See More]

  • Display: Video Display Terminal
  • Range, low: 0.0578
  • Measured Parameter: Hardness (Magnesium or Calcium)
  • Range, high: 0.5779
% Oil/Water Monitor -- 4100-OWN
from Arjay Engineering Ltd.

Over 40 years of Arjay ’s field proven HF capacitance. experience has been applied to the 4100-OWM monitor. This unique system provides complete flexibility for. monitoring tanks and flows for % concentrations of. water in oil. • unique capacitance approach. eliminates routine cleaning. [See More]

  • Display: Video Display Terminal
  • Range, low: 12.93
  • Measured Parameter: Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons
  • Range, high: 1293
S1200 Spectrawave Visible Diode Array Spectrophotometer -- 5300-10
from Terra Universal, Inc.

Simple menu driven software. Stored cell culture OD600 and protein method routines. Wavelength scan, kinetics and standard curve functionality with full graphics. Chart recorder output. The S1200 Spectrawave Visible diode array spectrophotometer has been designed to meet the routine spectroscopy... [See More]

  • Display: Video Display Terminal
  • Instrument Type: Portable
  • Maximum wavelength of Light source: 800
  • Local Interface: Digital Front Panel
Hach 5870000 Pocket Colorimeter II, Chlorine, Free & Total -- GO-99574-46
from Cole-Parmer

Colorimeter [See More]

  • Display: Video Display Terminal
  • Measured Parameter: Free Chlorine
  • Measured Parameter: Total Chlorine
  • Features: Water or Weather Resistant Housing
Aquakem 600 -- 984215
from Thermo Scientific - Water Analysis/Orion Products

The Aquakem 600 is the most sophisticated model in the Aquakem range of fully automated discrete photometric analyzers. Its advanced technology and new design offer efficiency and accuracy in analysis as well as convenience in use. The Aquakem 600 analyzer with its integrated workstation and... [See More]

  • Display: Video Display Terminal
  • Instrument Type: Fixtured or Permanent
  • Maximum wavelength of Light source: 880
  • Computer Interface: Computer Interface