DR 3900 Benchtop Spectrophotometer with RFID* Technology -- LPV440.99.00012
from Hach Company

Prevent Measurement Errors...Simply. The proven technology you have come to expect from Hach just got better. Built with the future of water analysis in mind, the DR 3900 will give consistently accurate results in a simpler testing format. Guided Procedure. The DR 3900 guides you step-by-step... [See More]

  • Measured Parameter: Molybdate
  • Range, low: 0.0020
  • Measured Parameter: Aluminum
  • Range, high: 0.8000
V-2000 -- K-6703
from CHEMetrics, Inc.

Field portable, battery operated, lightweight, rugged, waterproof [See More]

  • Measured Parameter: Molybdate
  • Range, high: 0.0323
  • Range, low: 0.0013
  • Instrument Type: Handheld; Portable
Orbeco-Hellige Colorimeter: Molybdate -- sc-09-053-547
from Fisher Scientific

These rugged, waterproof, single parameter colorimeters are ideal for laboratory and field testing. Colorimeter: Molybdate. Colorimeter; Orbeco Hellige; Molybdate; Range, 0.03 - 3.0mg/L; Method Molybdate; Reagent set RS5450 included, 100 tests; Rugged, waterproof, single parameter colorimeters;... [See More]

  • Measured Parameter: Molybdate
  • Features: Water or Weather Resistant Housing
Checkit® Comparator
from Lovibond® Tintometer®

Lovibond CheckitComparator is a compact, handy colorimetric unit which is suitable both for mobile and stationary analysis work. Supplied with a generous number of different colour scales, it provides the basis for a comprehensive, easy-to-use colorimetric analysis system. The CheckitComparator D55... [See More]

  • Measured Parameter: Molybdate (optional feature)
  • Range, low: 0.0
  • Measured Parameter: Aluminum (optional feature)
  • Range, high: 0.3000