3 Chucks Datasheets

AJC Chucking System -- A6-8-34
from LMC Workholding

Our AJC Chucking System now gives you the ultimate in quick power chuck changeover... and it's a step above other quick jaw change systems being offered today - those that require each jaw to be changed individually. [See More]

  • Jaws: 3
  • Rated Speed: 3600
  • Chuck Type: Scroll
  • Clamping Force: 6609
Rota EP 380-127 -- 818003
from SCHUNK Inc.

The ROTA EP self-contained power chuck from SCHUNK is equipped with an integrated pneumatic cylinder. The force transmission is effected by the proven wedge hook system. The chuck contains an air supply system on the distributor ring. Therefore no rotary feed throughs are necessary. Especially on... [See More]

  • Jaws: 2 (optional feature); 3
  • Application: Lathe / Turning
  • Chuck Type: Scroll
  • Chuck Geometry: Round