None / NA Chucks Datasheets

Air Chucks

Rugged, high-torque and air-operated, Tidland's Air Chucks are economical and lightweight, designed for winding and unwinding, and can be used to convert smaller shafts to suit larger cores for an ergonomic, trouble-free solution for a wide variety of applications. These Air Chucks have established... [See More]

  • Jaws: NA
  • Diameter: 4 to 12
  • Chuck Type: Core
  • Length: 5.63 to 6.14
Safety Chucks
from Montalvo Corporation

Montalvo's line of Safety Chucks were designed for easy installation and long service life. They provide a safe and effective way of coupling torque devices to shafted unwinds or rewinds. Heavy duty bearing design ensures maximum load and speed capacities for most converting applications. The easily... [See More]

  • Jaws: NA
  • Chuck Geometry: Round
  • Chuck Type: Safety
Precision Chuck 250mm -- S2225401
from New Way Air Bearings

Modular, ultra-precision positioning components, for FPD manufacturing [See More]

  • Jaws: NA
  • Chuck Geometry: Rectangular / Square
  • Chuck Type: Vacuum clamp, vise or holder
  • Diameter: 2.99
Arc Chuck -- Concrete Anchor & Shear Connector Chuck
from Southern Stud Weld, Inc.

The ARC Stud Welding Accessories shown allow the ARC Gun to be setup to weld a wide variety of different types and sizes of ARC Studs with a minimal amount of time required for change-over. Several typical setups are shown below for reference. Final adjustments for the gun and welder are explained... [See More]

  • Jaws: NA
  • Chuck Geometry: Round
  • Chuck Type: Arc Chuck
  • Length: 3.25 to 3.5