No Drive Rotary Tables Datasheets

ESD Turntable -- D380 [D380 from Fancort Industries, Inc.]
from All-Spec Industries

x [See More]

  • Drive Mechanism: None
  • Number of Spindles: 1
  • Table Diameter: 14.96
  • Maximum Axial Load: 200
MS Series Servo Indexer -- MS1000B
from Centricity

Direct drive indexer - ideal for low inertia applications requiring very high accuracy. Comes standard with Centricity's Drive/Control Package. The MS Series indexer is a high precision, highly flexible servo indexer designed to work directly with today's PLC or PC control systems. Available in five... [See More]

  • Drive Mechanism: None (optional feature); Manual (optional feature); Electric; Pneumatic (optional feature); Hydraulic (optional feature)
  • Maximum Axial Load: 150
  • Table Diameter: 30
  • Maximum Radial Load: 75
NC 1.02
from Fibro, Inc.

Adjustable worm gear drive, optional hydraulic clamping table [See More]

  • Drive Mechanism: None (optional feature); Electric (optional feature); Hydraulic (optional feature)
  • Number of Spindles: 1
  • Table Diameter: 11.02
  • Thru Hole Diameter: 2.56
Rotary Table -- Model 11770
from Newport Corporation

Mounts directly to optical tables, carriers, or translators [See More]

  • Drive Mechanism: None
  • Center Height: 1.4
  • Number of Spindles: 1
  • Application: EqipPositioning