Manual Vises Datasheets

Parallel Vice

Ampco non-sparking products are intended for use in areas where a high risk of fire or explosion exists, as in the presence of flammable gases or liquids. Non-magnetic Ampco tools, made from a variety of Ampco alloys with a typical magnetic permeability between 1.01 and 1.2, are recommended in... [See More]

  • Vise Actuation: Manual
  • Jaw Opening: 6.69
  • Vise Type: Bench Vise
  • Jaw Width: 5.12
Collet Vises -- Single Collet Vise
from Carr Lane Manufacturing Co.

Accurate and versatile fixture for round, square, and hex-shaped workpieces (ideal for secondary operations on screw-machine parts). Uses standard 5C collets, including step collets for large diameters, expanding collets for ID clamping, and emergency collets for special shapes. Can be mounted... [See More]

  • Vise Actuation: Manual
  • Weight: 9.5
  • Vise Type: Collet Vise
  • Vise Mounting: Fixed Base
Milling Vise,6 In,Single Station -- 6GJP4 [PWS-6900 from Te-Co, Inc.]
from Grainger Industrial Supply

Milling Vise, Manual 6 In. Single-Station Vise, Fixed Base, Max. Travel 9.00, Jaw Plate SQUARE TO 0.001, Bed/Base 2.875, Bed Heights Matched to 2.875 +/-0.0005 [See More]

  • Vise Actuation: Manual
  • Jaw Opening: 9
  • Vise Type: Machine / Mill Vise
  • Jaw Width: 5.94
12 Station Hex Vise Column -- 49413
from Jergens, Inc.

Jergens Hex Production Vise Columns provide 12 stations to maximize the number of parts per load. Available with bases to fit directly onto your machine table, or to a Ball Lock sub-plate. [See More]

  • Vise Actuation: Manual; Hydraulic (optional feature)
  • Jaw Opening: 2.25
  • Vise Type: Machine / Mill Vise; Tombstone Vise; Twin / Multi-station Vise
  • Jaw Width: 4
4'' Aluminum SnapLock® Carrier Jaws / 2 Outside: 1.12 Jaw Thickness -- SCJ4000
from Te-Co, Inc.

Product Information. Body manufactured from 80,000 PSI ductile cast iron. Ways are flame hardened to 40 R/C maximum. Includes handle and tool kit (pry wrench and hex wrenches). Package includes Double Station Vise, 2 Carrier Jaws and a 3-piece Standard Hard Jaw Set [See More]

  • Vise Actuation: Manual
Chain Vises Tools
from U.S. Tsubaki Power Transmission, LLC

Specifications -. L - Dimension - - 7.870 in. H - Dimension - - 6.690 in. B - Dimension - - 7.090 to 8.660 in [See More]

  • Vise Actuation: Manual
  • Jaw Width: 3.94 to 7.87
  • Vise Type: Chain Vise
  • Vise Mounting: Fixed Base
Base -- 305 [305 from PanaVise Products, Inc.]
from All-Spec Industries

x [See More]

  • Vise Actuation: Manual
  • Weight: 1.31
  • Vise Type: Bench Vise
  • Vise Mounting: Swivel Base
1696668 [1-83-069 from Stanley Vidmar]
from Farnell Europe


  • Vise Actuation: Manual
  • Jaw Opening: 3
  • Vise Type: Angle / Sine Vise; Bench Vise
  • Jaw Width: 2.99
WILTON Precision Vises -- 4704300
from Hassel Material Handling Co.

WILTON Precision Vises are a must-have in your workshop. Movable section is lathe turned —stationary segment is bored for precision fit. Keyed round slide bar, sealed lubrication. “Straight line ” pull for fully enclosed nut and spindle. Extra deep throat for more holding capacity... [See More]

  • Vise Actuation: Manual
  • Jaw Opening: 4
  • Vise Type: Bench Vise
  • Jaw Width: 4.5
Bench Chain Vises
from RIDGID®

FEATURES. Crank handle is anchored to base. Rugged cast-iron base has handy pipe rest and bender. Capacities of 1/8" through 8". Two models available for plastic pipe. Toothless jaws are neoprene-coated to prevent scoring of pipe. [See More]

  • Vise Actuation: Manual
  • Jaw Opening: 0.1250 to 8
  • Vise Type: Chain Vise
  • Weight: 6 to 37.25