Communication Interface:Other Temperature Signal Conditioners Datasheets

ALMEMO Analog Output Module -- ZA9020-FS
from Clark Solutions

ALMEMO input connection plugs provide the ultimate versatility in connecting almost any sensor to an ALMEMO instrument. The connection plugs are available for a broad range of sensor inputs, including thermocouple, RTD, and thermistor. Additionally, “blank ” plugs are available to... [See More]

  • Communication Interface: ALMEMO Connection
  • Inputs: Thermocouple Input
  • Form Factor: Input Plug
  • T/C Type: K
Input Module -- PTI-4(FIT)GY
from CONTEC Co., Ltd.

This product is the module which collects temperature data from the platinum measurement temperature resistance objects Pt100 or JPt100. It is used for I/O controller module CPU-CAxx(FIT)GY of F &eIT series, and microcontroller unit CPU-SBxx(FIT)GY, connecting. [See More]

  • Communication Interface: Computer bus
  • Inputs: Thermocouple Input
  • Form Factor: DIN Rail
  • T/C Type: PT100
Bridge and Temperature Conditioner -- Xpod Line
from OROS

XPods line: bridge & temperature conditioners. Wheatstone bridge conditioner handles any bridge-based transducers (strain, pressure, load, torque, force...). Full, ½ and ¼ bridge. Automatic bridge balance (incl. in D-rec). 120 Ω / 350 Ω built-in resistors. Continuous 0... [See More]

  • Communication Interface: Flat Pin Connectors
  • Inputs: Thermocouple Input; RTD Input
  • Form Factor: Panel / Chassis Mount
  • T/C Type: E; J; K; N; T
CAT- 1
from ASI/Automation Systems Interconnect, Inc.

Temperature sensor to analog signal converter, self diagnostic testing [See More]

  • Communication Interface: RJ45; RS232/422/485
  • Inputs: Thermocouple Input; RTD Input
  • Form Factor: Modular Bay or Slot System; DIN Rail
  • T/C Type: J; K; T; B; S; R
DeviceNet Box Modules -- IP3202-B520|B528
from Beckhoff Automation LLC

The IP3202 analog input module allows resistance sensors to be connected directly. The module ’s circuitry can operate the sensors using 2-, 3- or 4-wire connection techniques. Linearisation over the full temperature range is realised with the aid of a microprocessor. The temperature range can... [See More]

  • Communication Interface: DeviceNet
  • Inputs: RTD Input
  • Form Factor: Stand-alone
  • Material: Platinum (optional feature); Nickel (optional feature)
RTD Input Module -- M-7015
from ICP DAS USA, Inc.

Communicable via Modbus protocol, individual channel configuration [See More]

  • Communication Interface: Modbus
  • Inputs: RTD Input
  • Form Factor: DIN Rail
  • DC Voltage: 10-30 VDC
Isolated Voltage/Temperature-to-CAN Pod -- CANSAS-CI8
from imc DataWorks, LLC

CANSAS represents a revolutionary concept, combining the best of decentralized and modular instrumentation design for the acquisition of physical measurement data. CANSAS finds a home in the test engineer's toolbox in a wide variety of applications. Owing to CANSAS' reconfigurability and modularity,... [See More]

  • Communication Interface: CAN bus
  • Inputs: Thermocouple Input; RTD Input; Ohm, TEDS
  • Form Factor: Rack Mount; DIN Rail (optional feature); Stackable
  • DC Voltage: up to +/-60V