SiAlON (Al2O3-Si3N4) Ceramic Fabrication Services Datasheets

Top Seiko Co., Ltd.
from Top Seiko Co., Ltd.

Top Seiko specializes in complex and precise machining of custom ceramic machined parts. With EDM*1, grinding, slicing, turning and CNC machines, we offer ceramic fabrication service in the most cost effective methods. With our extensive experience with ultra-hard but brittle materials and latest... [See More]

  • Materials: Porous; Alumina; Silicon Carbide; Sapphire; Silicon Nitride; Nitride; Fused Silica; GlassCeramic; SiAlON; Zirconia; Metal-Carbide; Composite
  • Certifications: ISO 9001
  • Company Information: Through "machining" aimed at customer satisfaction, Top Seiko strives to have our technology reflected in our customers' products, enabling the customers to perform good business, which in turn results in the successful operation of our company.
  • Services: Part Fabrication; Development; Selection; Inspection
Bullen Ultrasonics, Inc.
from Bullen Ultrasonics, Inc.

Bullen offers custom, precision ceramic machining and finishing of tight tolerance components to a broad range of high technology markets. We employ a wide range of ceramic machining methods and specialize in working with clients to arrive at solution options that offer the best value for their... [See More]

  • Materials: Fibrous; Porous; Alumina; Silicon Carbide; Sapphire; Silicon Nitride; Nitride; Mullite; Porcelain; Fused Silica; GlassCeramic; SiAlON; Zirconia; Metal-Boride; Composite; CVD SiC; Yttria; Garnet; Quartz
  • Certifications: ISO 9001:2000
  • Company Information: Let Bullen be your precision machining source for ceramics, glass & other hard, brittle materials. Multiple machining options to address your most demanding machining requirements. Ultrasonic Machining, CNC Machining, Micro EDM.
  • Services: Bonding / Assembly; Design; Development; Selection; Reverse Engineer