Injection Molding Ceramic Fabrication Services Datasheets

Advanced Technical Ceramics Company
from Advanced Technical Ceramics Company

Ceramics are used to produce packages that are used with active and passive electronic components such as chips, resistors, capacitors, sensors and other critical devices. These devices are used in automotive electronics, telecommunications, medical, computers, and a huge variety of electronic... [See More]

  • Process: Sintering; Cast; Casting - Slip; Injection Mold; Machining; Co-fired Multilayer Ceramic Process
  • Certifications: ISO9001; MIL-SPEC
  • Company Information: AdTech Ceramics has 30+ years of multilayer ceramic (MLC) manufacturing and 15+ years of AlN Multilayer technology experience, and offers microwave modeling and design and developmental partnerships.
  • Services: Bonding / Assembly; Design; Selection; Ceramic Packaging
IRD Glass
from IRD Glass

IRD Glass is a World Class Supplier of precision glass, optical and ceramic components. For over twenty five years, IRD Glass has served the aerospace, defense, sensor, machine vision, laser, technical glass, optical, process control and medical industries (to name just a few). Their clients include... [See More]

  • Process: Sintering; Grinding; Injection Mold; Machining
  • Certifications: MIL-SPEC; ISO 9001:2008
  • Company Information: IRD is an ISO 9001:2008 certified and ANAB accredited manufacturer of glass and ceramic components. They provide customers with cylindrical lenses, pedestals, tubes, rods and substrates for use in both optical and industrial applications.
  • Services: Bonding / Assembly; Design; Selection; Reverse Engineer
CRYSTEX Composites LLC
from CRYSTEX Composites LLC

Located in Clifton, NJ just minutes from all major transportation in NYC [See More]

  • Process: Grinding; Injection Mold; Machining
  • Services: Bonding / Assembly; Design; Selection
  • Company Information: Crystex Composites is the OEM for Mykroy/Mycalex Ceramics - a glass bonded mica ceramic. The material is machinable with standard carbide tools and water and can be molded with or without metal inserts. There is no post processing or firing required.
  • Materials: GlassCeramic; Composite; Glass Bonded Mica Ceramic

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