Alumina 94% Machined Components
from Insaco, Inc.

Alumina (Al2O3) is one of the most widely specified, general-purpose technical ceramics. All aluminas are very hard and wear resistant, with high compressive strength even against extreme temperatures and corrosive environments. Aluminas are also excellent electrical insulators and are gas tight. [See More]

  • Shape: Hollow Stock (Tube, Pipe, Column) (optional feature); Custom Shape; Tube (optional feature)
  • Dielectric Strength: 328740
  • Material Type: Specialty Material; Alumina
  • Dielectric Constant: 9.3
Alumina Process Tubes, Closed One End -- GO-33912-50
from Cole-Parmer

Alumina process tube, closed one end, 1" OD, 12" L. 99.8% pure alumina is a hard, chemical-resistant material that withstands temperatures up to 3056degF (1800degC) in aggressive environments. Compressive strength: 3650 MPa ( [See More]

  • Shape: Immersion Tube or Sheath
  • Length: 12
  • Width / Diameter: 1
  • Material Type: Alumina