Tool Repair Tool Grinding and Tool Sharpening Services Datasheets

Powdersville Tool, Inc.
from Powdersville Tool, Inc.

Located in Piedmont, SC [See More]

  • Services: New Tools; Regrinding; Repair
  • Tool Capabilities: Brazing
  • Company Information: Powdersville Tool, Inc. is a one-stop repair facility that offers a wide variety of repair services for the cutting tools industry. They specialize in a combination of technologies.
  • Tools  Type: Boring Tools; Broaches; Countersinks; Drills; Milling Cutters; Goovers/Slotters; Keyseat Cutters; Taps & Dies; Turning Tools; Burrs
Superior Tool Service, Inc.
from Superior Tool Service, Inc.

We are an industrial tool and cutter manufacturer with the ability to manufacture cutting tools to your exact needs. We also regrind almost all tools, extending the life of the tool at less than 1/4 the cost of a new tool. We manufacture many types of tools including end mills, drills, tapered drill... [See More]

  • Services: Tool Design; New Tools; Regrinding; Repair; Fax/Email Us Your Tool Print
  • Tool Capabilities: Coating; Brazing
  • Company Information: We manufacturer cutting tools for companies throughout North America. We have customers in Aerospace, Medical/Dental, Hi-Performance Automotive, Plastics, Agriculture and Composites. We are constantly innovating, to provide the best tools for your job.
  • Coating Capabilities: Titanium Nitride; Titanium CarboNitride; Titanium Aluminum Nitride; Aluminum Titanium Nitride; Chromium Nitride; Zirconium Nitride; Diamond