Portable (Field / Plant) Grinders and Grinding Machines Datasheets

385465 [DGA452Z from Makita USA, Inc.]
from RS Components, Ltd.

Professional ergonomic Makita 18V cordless grinder with an easy to grip small circumference motor housing for excellent control and reduced operator fatigue. The high quality 18V angle grinder comes with built in safety features including the Anti-Restart function which prevents accidental startup... [See More]

  • Mounting: Handheld; Portable
  • Rotary Speed: 10000
  • Type: Grinder; Cordless Grinders
  • Power Source: Electric Motor
Angle Grinder w/Dust Extraction -- L 1506 VV

4" and 4-1/2", Electric. 2200 to 6800 RPM. 5/8" Spindle, 7/8" Arbor. Extremely powerful 11 Amp angle grinder and sander with variable-speed electronic motor. Vacuum port: 1-1/4". Ideal for use with our CS 1225 or CS 1500 Dust Extraction Vacuum. Standard Equipment: 5" Guard – Item no. 251.682;... [See More]

  • Mounting: Handheld; Portable
  • Applications / Materials Abraded: Building & Construction; Clean / Surface Prep; Marine; Metal; Wood
  • Type: Grinder; AngleGrinder; DieGrinder; Disc or Wheel Face Grinder
  • Rotary Speed: 2200 to 6800
Angle Grinder -- WRD 6-20/2 ZL 45
from Dapra Corporation

A long neck and a small angled head provide high performance and precision in difficult-to-reach areas. There are two versions available: 90 ° head (Model ZL 90), and 45 ° head (Model ZL 45). [See More]

  • Mounting: Handheld; Portable
  • Applications / Materials Abraded: Clean / Surface Prep; Metal
  • Type: Grinder; AngleGrinder; Precision
  • Rotary Speed: 20000