Portable / Mobile Bulk Material Loaders and Unloaders Datasheets

Truck Unloading Containment System -- TUCS
from Vecoplan, LLC

Designed specifically to expedite the unloading of shred trucks while containing and removing the intrinsic dust, TUCSTM greatly reduces the need for any manual labor when unloading your truck and feeding your baler. The system includes an unloading containment module constructed of steel and clear... [See More]

  • Common Features: Integral Hopper or Bin; Portable
  • Bulk Container Type: Truck
  • Loader / Unloader: Unloader / Discharger
  • Application / Operation: Filling / Loading
OptiLoad® -- Venturi Loader
from Opti Temp, Inc.

Efficient, mechanically simple, and quiet way to convey material [See More]

  • Common Features: Integral Hopper or Bin; Portable; Vibrator (optional feature)
  • Equipment Type: Other
  • Loader / Unloader: Loader / Filler
  • Application / Operation: Conveyor