Thermistor Data Loggers and Data Recorders Datasheets

CO2/Temperature/Humidity Data Logger -- TR-76UI [TR-76UI from TandD US, LLC]
from CAS DataLoggers

The TR-76Ui data logger is a three-channel logger designed to simultaneously measure and record carbon dioxide concentration, temperature and humidity. Making atmospheric pressure settings for the measurement location ensures more stable and accurate Carbon Dioxide measurements. The supplied... [See More]

  • Inputs: Thermistor Input; Humidity, CO2
  • Form Factor: Panel / Chassis Mount; Handheld
  • Analog Channels: 3
  • Application: General Lab & Industrial; Environmental
8-Channel Temperature Logger (CompactFlash) -- USB-5203
from Measurement Computing

USB-based 8-channel temperature logger (CompactFlash) supports 4 sensor types, with high/low alarms, 8 digital I/O lines. Key Highlights. 8 thermocouple input channels. Superior performance —accuracy exceeds sensor output. 8 digital I/O bits; user-configurable for alarming. Includes a 512-MB... [See More]

  • Inputs: Thermocouple Input; Thermistor Input; RTD Input; Temperature
  • Differential Channels: Yes
  • Analog Channels: 8
  • Digital I/O Channels: 8
Submersible Tinytag Aquatic 2 Internal Temperature (-40°F to +158°F) -- TG-4100
from Micron Instruments & Micron Meters

Temperature logger submersible to a depth of 500m. Designed with long-term immersion in mind, this unit is waterproof to a depth of 500m, making it ideal for environmental monitoring in rivers and oceans. The high visibility yellow case has an attachment point that can be used to secure the logger... [See More]

  • Inputs: Thermistor Input
  • Application: General Lab & Industrial; Environmental
  • Form Factor: Stand-alone
  • Agency Approval: CE, ISO 9001, ISO 14001
Compact Portable Data Logger -- RDXL120 Series
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

The channels in the analog input part adopt insulated inputs, which means that temperature (thermocouple/resistance temperature detector) and voltage can be set differently for each channel. Eleven types of thermocouples, Pt100 and JPt100 temperature-measuring resistors, and a voltage up to 50V... [See More]

  • Inputs: Thermistor Input
  • Accuracy: 0.1000
  • Analog Channels: 10
  • Form Factor: Portable
Platinum Resistance Data Logger -- PT-104
from Pico Technology

Measures temperature, resistance and voltage. High resolution and accuracy. Works with PT100 and PT1000 sensors. Supports 2, 3 and 4-wire sensors. No power supply required. USB and Ethernet interfaces. Run multiple units on a single PC. Accuracy and resolution. Although accurate temperature sensors... [See More]

  • Inputs: Thermistor Input
  • Sampling Frequency: 0.0014
  • Analog Channels: 4
  • Resolution: 24
3990221 [N2011 from Comark Corporation]
from RS Components, Ltd.

Compact & lightweight temperature data logger with internal temperature sensor and IP67 rating ideal for chillers, storage and transport applications. Internal sensor with measurement range -40 °C to 70 °C. Temperature system accuracy, suitable for food industry applications. Measurement... [See More]

  • Inputs: Thermistor Input
  • Host Connection: Radio
  • Analog Channels: 1
High Temperature Data Logger -- SL130T
from Status Instruments, Inc.

Signatrol DATA LOGGERS. Industrial & Lab Data Loggers [See More]

  • Inputs: Thermistor Input
  • Digital I/O Channels: 0
  • Analog Channels: 0
  • Resolution: 12
Temperature Data Recorder -- DL 1000
from Vaisala

Vaisala Veriteq VL-1000/1400 temperature data loggers are perfect for monitoring, alarming, and recording environmental conditions in FDA/GxP-regulated environments like pharmaceutical warehouses, research and labs, hospitals, and ultra-low temperature freezers, fridges, cold rooms. Used in... [See More]

  • Inputs: Thermistor Input
  • Form Factor: Stand-alone
  • Analog Channels: 2
  • User Interface: Computer Programmable
Electronic Recorders -- EH Series
from CHINO Works America Inc.

The EH series recorders are supplied with either continuous pen-writing or multi-point dot-printing systems. This versatile series of electronic self-balancing strip chart recorders features a 180mm chart. Models are available to record various industrial variables such as temperature, mV or DC... [See More]

  • Inputs: Thermocouple Input; Thermistor Input; RTD Input
  • Form Factor: Stand-alone
  • Analog Channels: 24
  • Application: General Lab & Industrial
Humidity/Temperature Datalogger -- RHTemp1000
from Hoyt Electrical Instrument Works, Inc.

The RHTemp1000 humidity and temperature logger is a rugged, water resistant (case properly sealed), battery powered, stand alone device which can be used to automatically record humidity and temperature. This all in one compact, portable, easy to use device is able to measure and record up to 21,845... [See More]

  • Inputs: Thermistor Input; Humidity
  • Application: General Lab & Industrial; Environmental; Medical / Biomedical
  • Form Factor: Panel / Chassis Mount; Stand-alone
  • Outputs: Timer / Counter Output
ShockLog™ RD298 -- Triaxial Shock, Vibration, Temp Recorder
from Lamerholm Electronics, Ltd.

Battery life:1yr, records up 400 events & 52428 time slot values-xyz & Temp [See More]

  • Inputs: Accelerometer Input; Thermistor Input; Humid, Press
  • Digital I/O Channels: 2
  • Analog Channels: 3
  • Sampling Frequency: 4
from Next Industries S.r.L

The OMNIAlog MI400 MAVT is an ultra low powered logger with integral modem designed specifically for remote applications. The next step up from the MI400 MAV, it has more analogue inputs and Modbus slave capabilities. 4 differential software programmable analog input. Each of the 4 channels offers... [See More]

  • Inputs: Thermistor Input; RTD Input; Bridge Input; Servo Inclinometer, Potenziometer
  • Differential Channels: Yes
  • Analog Channels: 4
  • Digital I/O Channels: 0
1-channel temperature data logger with internal senso (NTC) -- 0572 1751
from Testo Inc.

The testo 175 T1 is the compact data logger for long-term monitoring of refrigerated and deep-freeze rooms as well as for the documentation of transport temperature in delivery vehicles. The large 1 million measurement value memory and the long-life batteries allow readout at greater intervals, in... [See More]

  • Inputs: Thermistor Input
  • Form Factor: Handheld
  • Digital I/O Channels: 1
  • User Interface: Front Panel; Hand-held Programmer