ST-55 Sandblasting Kit -- 200055491
from Suttner America Company

Designed for sandblasting a variety of surfaces and capable of removing most coatings down to white metal, graffiti clean up, paint surface preparation, etc. [See More]

  • Machine Components: Gun / Lance
  • Operation: Cleaning / Surface Preparation; Descaling / Stripping
  • Product Type: Dry / Air; (Component)
  • Workpiece Material: Metal; Concrete / Masonry
Blastmaster 0909
from Vapormatt, Inc.

Dry blast machine, can be automated [See More]

  • Machine Components: Blast Room / Cutting Booth; Gun / Lance
  • Operation: Descaling / Stripping
  • Product Type: Dry / Air; Nozzle Blast Machine; (CompleteSystem)
  • Workpiece Material: Metal