Resistance / Conductance Fuel Cell and Solar Test Equipment Datasheets

Celltron Advanced
from Alpha Technologies Ltd.

A fast, reliable and affordable testing process is now available with the development of conductance based battery measurement technology. By coupling conductance testing with a simple system load or voltage test, the system operator is armed with the quality of data necessary to know the status of... [See More]

  • Test / Technique: Endurance or Life; Resistance or Conductance
  • Functions / Module Types: Monitor or Meter
  • Form: Handheld or Portable Tester
  • Products Tested: FuelCells
Fuel Cell Performance Testing Equipment
from CHINO Works America Inc.

These testing equipment are for the fields of performance/evaluation tests of fuel cells, and are applicable to from fundamental research such as element research, material research and single-cell/module research to practical application test. CHINO offers total coordination from designing and... [See More]

  • Test / Technique: Endurance or Life; Performance or Functional Test; Resistance or Conductance
  • Functions / Module Types: Controller; GasSupply; MoistureControl; Temperature Control / Oven; Electronic Load or Load Bank; Monitor or Meter; DataAcq
  • Form: Test Station or System
  • Products Tested: FuelCells; Material or Component Testing

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