Oxidation Inhibitor / Anti-oxidant Chemical Additives and Agents Datasheets

from Eastman Kodak Company

2,5-dihydroxy-5-methyl-3-(4-morpholinyl)-2-cyclopenten-1-one [See More]

  • Function: Oxidation Inhibitor / Anti-oxidant
  • Applications: Food / Beverage
Aluminum Deox Solution -- Amtron™ OR5B
from Saint-Gobain Surface Conditioning Group

Amtron ™ OR5B. Aluminum Deox Solution. Specialty Fluids Amtron ™ OR5B is a deoxidizing solution designed to remove the oxide layer from aluminum substrates. By removing the aluminum oxide layer before grinding/polishing processes, aluminum removal rates are significantly increased, and... [See More]

  • Function: Oxidation Inhibitor / Anti-oxidant
  • Form & Features: Liquids
  • Applications: Polishing
from Struktol Company of America

Highly effective, non-volatile stabilizer, low oral and dermal toxicity [See More]

  • Function: Inhibitor; Oxidation Inhibitor / Anti-oxidant; Stabilizer - Color; Stabilizer - Heat
  • Form & Features: Bulk Solids or Granules; Organic / Polymer
  • Applications: Plastics / Composites