NDE Professionals Inc.
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NDE Professionals, Inc., incorporated in Oregon in 1991, specializes in providing nondestructive testing and quality consulting to the Commercial Aerospace, Defense, Energy, Maritime, Petrochemical, Pulp and Paper, Semiconductor and Transportation industries. Facilities. Over 7,400 square feet of... [See More]

  • Certify / Evaluate To: ASTM; MIL-SPEC; NRC; UL; NAVSEA-TECH; FAA; ATA
  • Capabilities: Auditing / Assessment; Consulting / Training; Field Evaluation (On-site Inspection / Testing); In-Process; Program Development (QA Manual / Procedures); Certification; Testing; Witness / Review; Administer Exams to Help In Certifying
  • Company Information: NDE Professionals, Inc. employ's five full time ASNT Level III consultants to fullfill industry qualification and certification needs. Their facility is equip to offer education, evaluation and certification serivces.
  • Certification Level: Components / Parts; Facilities / Systems; Samples; Provide All Levels of Certification
Accutek Testing Laboratory
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Accutek's mechanical testing qualifications include: - Tensile (ounces to 60,000+ lbs). - Fatigue (axial, bending, torsion, roller chain). - Rotating Beam. - Charpy Impact (NIST Certified). - Hardness (micro to Brinell, including Shore A). - Abrasion (Taber, micro-motion, porous coating). - Torque... [See More]

  • Certify / Evaluate To: ASTM; FDA; IEEE; MIL-SPEC; NRC; OEM Specific
  • Capabilities: In-Process; Certification; Testing
  • Company Information: For 20 years, major companies across industries, including aerospace, medical, power generation and manufacturing, have turned to Accutek for their product conformance, materials identification, and failure analysis needs.
  • Certification Level: Components / Parts; Facilities / Systems; Products; Samples