Waterproof / Water Repellant Industrial Paints Datasheets

Polyurethane Spray Elastomer System -- VORASTAR™ 7000
from Dow Polyurethanes

VORASTAR ™ 7000 polyurethane spray elastomer system is a new, high-performance, two-component polyurea hybrid coating material specially designed to protect concrete containment structures and steel surfaces from corrosion in harsh chemical environments. With its exceptional chemical and... [See More]

  • Functional Features: Waterproof; Abrasion, Erosion or Wear Resistant; Chemical Resistant; Corrosion Resistant; Protective
  • Dispensing Method: Sprayable
  • Chemistry: Polyurethane; Resin
  • Substrate: Steel; Concrete; Metallic
Diversified Brands K01307 BATTERY PROTECTOR - Krylon; Battery Protector -- 724504-01307
from R. S. Hughes Company, Inc.

Diversified Brands K01307 BATTERY PROTECTOR - Krylon; Battery Protector. K1307 Battery Protector Features: Specially formulated to assure continued high-voltage output; Helps prolong battery life; Creates an airtight, waterproof, insulated seal to help minimize leakage [See More]

  • Functional Features: Waterproof
Roof Paint -- C1601
from Aervoe Industries Incorporated

Fast drying industrial grade enamel, matched to OEM color standards [See More]

  • Functional Features: Waterproof; Weather Resistant; Corrosion Resistant; Protective
  • Chemistry: Acrylic; Resin
  • Type: Lacquer Paint
  • Cure / Setting Technology: Film Drying
Imron® 2.1 EZ-C™ Polyurethane Clear
from DuPont Performance Coatings

Imron ® 2.1 EZ-C ™ Easy to Clean, Industrial Strength High Gloss Clear Aliphatic Polyurethane Enamel Clear is a high-solids, two-package, VOC conforming product (2.1 lbs./gal.) based upon DuPont fluorinated resin technology, producing easy to clean properties. The resulting highly durable... [See More]

  • Functional Features: Waterproof; Chemical Resistant
  • Chemistry: Polyurethane; Resin
  • Type: Clear Coat; Enamel
  • Cure / Setting Technology: Film Drying
Industrial Potable Water Coating -- W9200 System
from Rust-Oleum Corporation

Two component, polyamine converted epoxy, for potable water tanks [See More]

  • Functional Features: Waterproof; Corrosion Resistant
  • Chemistry: Epoxy; Resin
  • Type: Base Coat
  • Cure / Setting Technology: Multicomponent
Architects Exterior Paint & Coatings
from Sherwin-Williams

Paint & Coatings. A wide variety of coatings for residential or commercial use offer top quality performance. Primers. Exterior primers assure superior hiding, topcoat appearance and long-lasting results. Commercial High-Performance Coatings. A comprehensive line-up of high-performance coatings... [See More]

  • Functional Features: Waterproof
  • Chemistry: Acrylic; Alkyd; Resin
  • Type: Base Coat; Clear Coat; Enamel; Primer
  • Cure / Setting Technology: Film Drying