Material:Other Steam Traps Datasheets

Series TS-2 Radiator Traps -- Model TS-2
from Armstrong International

Armstrong Series TS radiator traps are offered in both angle and straight patterns. The TS-2 has a balanced pressure thermostatic element with a high quality multiple-convolution bellows. It ’s ideal for draining equipment such as steam radiators and convectors, small heat exchangers, unit... [See More]

  • Operating Pressure: 50
  • Capacity: 1600
  • Operating Temperature: 300
  • Steam Trap Type: Radiator
Series G -- 101G-15
from Watts

Series G, MG Float and Thermostatic Steam Traps are used in steam main drip and process applications to remove condensate, air, and non-condensable gases from steam systems. They feature an iron body with a straight-through design, stainless steel valve head & seat, phosphor bronze diaphragm,... [See More]

  • Operating Pressure: 15
  • Type: Straight-Through Connections
  • Steam Trap Type: FloatThermostatic
  • Size: 2.00
Thermostatic Steam Trap -- BK 212 [BK 212 from Flowserve Gestra]
from Flowserve Corporation

Features of the BK series: > Robust regulator. > unaffected by waterhammer and frost. > Suitable for superheated steam applications. > Stainless steel internals. > Installation in any position [See More]

  • Operating Pressure: 3814
  • Steam Trap Type: Bimetallic
  • Operating Temperature: 887
  • Type: Socketweld; Flanged; Threaded; Butt-Weld
IB21V Series -- Model B-IB21V210-6
from Jordan Valve Group

For higher pressure services, carbon steel body, stainless steel bucket [See More]

  • Operating Pressure: 300
  • Capacity: 800
  • Operating Temperature: 850
  • Steam Trap Type: Bucket
Fixed Temperature Liquid Expansion Steam Trap -- No.8
from Spirax-Sarco

The No.8 fixed temperature liquid expansion thermostatic steam trap has an oil filled element set to operate at a fixed temperature. It is easily adjusted to discharge at any temperature between 60 °C and 100 °C. [See More]

  • Operating Pressure: 363
  • Steam Trap Type: Liquid Expansion Trap
  • Operating Temperature: 482
  • Type: Threaded
Bi-Metallic Steam Trap -- 1 1/2" WPN-40
from Watson McDaniel Company

• Excellent for high pressure and superheated. steam applications. • Freeze-proof and resistant to water hammer. • Handles superheated steam with check valve installed at inlet. • In-line repairable. • Trap can be welded into line [See More]

  • Operating Pressure: 520
  • Steam Trap Type: Bimetallic
  • Operating Temperature: 842
  • Type: Socketweld; Flanged; Threaded; Butt-Weld