Organic Colorants Datasheets

CHEMEON Dye -- Black BK
from CHEMEON Surface Technology (formerly Metalast)

CHEMEON Anodizing Chemistry includes a complement of popular organic and inorganic color dyes. Light fastness, clarity, and excellence of color is the hallmark of these products. Research and support staff at the CHEMEON Tech Center have tested all dyes for performance and quality. CHEMEON dyes are... [See More]

  • Pigment Type: Organic (optional feature); Inorganic (optional feature)
  • Color: Black; Black BK
Stan-Tone® HCC Series -- HCC-10562
from PolyOne Corporation

When dispersion, uniformity, compatibility and cleanliness are essential [See More]

  • Pigment Type: Organic (optional feature); Inorganic (optional feature); Phthalocyanine (YS)
  • Color Index: PG-7
  • Color: Green
  • Form: Masterbatch or Concentrate in Liquid or Paste Form