3M™ ST1000 XL Stretchable Tape Wrapper Model 20900, 1 per case -- 70006701976
from 3M Industrial Adhesives & Tapes Canada

3M ™ ST1000 XL Stretchable Tape Wrapper Model 20900 is designed to apply 3M Stretchable Tape semi-automatically to unitized pallets. Stabilizes pallet. Ventilation of product. Stretches #8886 Stretch Tape 50% for maximum productivity. General industrial, food and beverage. Pallet unitization,... [See More]

  • Machine Type: Wrapping
  • Closing Method: Tape
  • Goods: BulkOEM
  • Industry: Food; Industrial / General Use
PalletPal® Stretch Wrapper
from Southworth Products Corp.

Hand wrapping is dangerous. An inexpensive alternative, the PalletPalTM Stretch Wrapper incorporates a low-profile powered disc turntable and a stationary mast assembly. Simply wheel a loaded pallet onto the disc and move the stretch wrapping wand up and down the mast as the powered turntable spins... [See More]

  • Machine Type: Wrapping
  • Packaging: Box Carton; Case
  • Goods: BulkOEM
  • Closing Method: Wrapped
Automatic L-Bat Sealer -- L18
from ARPAC

The ARPAC HANAGATA L-Series automatic L-bar Sealers offer you the latest in shrink wrapping technology, featuring a rugged design that provides fast user friendly operation at speeds up to 40 packages per minute. The L-Series shrink wrapper provides high quality shrink packaging for retail display,... [See More]

  • Machine Type: Sealing; Shrink; Wrapping
  • Packaging: Pharmaceutical Products, CDROMs
  • Goods: BulkOEM
  • Closing Method: HeatSeal; Wrapped
Automatic H Filling Machine -- Horizontal Series
from Filamatic

The Filamatic Series H filling machines provide advanced staight-line filling. The horizontal positioning of the filling units handles a wide variety of flowable, non-flowable products. Accepts up to 22 filling units for a production rate of 300 cpm. [See More]

  • Machine Type: Blister; Capping (optional feature); Cartoning (optional feature); Cleaning (optional feature); Closing (optional feature); Collating (optional feature); Combiner (optional feature); Counting (optional feature); Erecting (optional feature); Filling; Inspection (optional feature); Labeling (optional feature); Shrink (optional feature); Sorting (optional feature); Wrapping (optional feature)
  • Packaging: BottleJar; Cartridge
  • Goods: Liquid
  • Closing Method: CapLid (optional feature); HeatSeal (optional feature); TamperEvident (optional feature)
RT 1800
from HayssenSandiacre

CE compliant, 65PSI required, 230VAC 30amp, programmable spindle break [See More]

  • Machine Type: FormFillSeal; Wrapping; SystemIntegration
  • Packaging: Bag
  • Goods: Liquid (optional feature); Powder (optional feature); Consumer
  • Closing Method: HeatSeal; Wrapped; Resistance Sealing System
from Mettler-Toledo, Inc.

With the SOLO ® XL Automatic Wrapper, you will see a dramatic ROI from film savings alone. Much less film is required to wrap virtually every package, plus only one film size needs to be stocked. You will save on film cost, labor, and total operating costs. The SOLO ® XL Automatic Wrapper... [See More]

  • Machine Type: Wrapping
  • Packaging: CupTray
  • Goods: Consumer
  • Closing Method: Wrapped
Table Top Stretch Wrappers -- Minispenser
from Minipack America, Inc.

Power Supply: 120V. Material: Stainless 304 [See More]

  • Machine Type: Wrapping
  • Type: Manual
Vacuum/Gas Sealer -- BAG-IN-BOX
from PAC Machinery Group

The Bag-in-Box is based on our popular PVK series of machines. It is designed for bags that are used as a box liner, where the box comes under the sealer via a conveyor or support. The machine's open-head design provides easy access to bag positioning. The Bag-in-Box is ideal for applications... [See More]

  • Machine Type: Sealing; Vacuum; Wrapping
  • Packaging: Bag; Box Carton
  • Goods: BulkOEM
  • Closing Method: HeatSeal
ARPAC High Profile Chain Driven Low Volume Stretch Wrapper -- Patriot Series HP
from Practical Packaging Solutions

Manufactured in the USA, the PATRIOT'S lean no nonsense feature rich design make it the perfect entry level machine. Ideal for low volume production environments, The Patriot can help reduce labor and material costs while improving production efficiencies at the same time. The chain driven turntable... [See More]

  • Machine Type: Wrapping
  • Packaging: PalletIBC