Medical / Healthcare Industrial Coatings Datasheets

3M™ Primer Y122 -- Y122
from 3M Industrial Adhesives and Tapes

3M Void Release solutions compatible with Flexographic printing. Unique release characteristics enable high value, custom Void Label Constructions. Please refer to 3M Technical Report describing Label Component System Process Guide for further information regarding these products. Think 3M First for... [See More]

  • Industry: Automotive; Electronics; Medical; Mil-Spec; OEM / Industrial
  • Type: Coating; Primer
from Master Bond, Inc.

Master Bond EP41ATC Epoxy Resin System is a solvent-free, two component epoxy resin system designed for applications where hard, tough, special corrosion resistant electrically conductive seamless flooring is required. It features excellent resistance to solvent media such as methyl ethyl ketone,... [See More]

  • Industry: Electronics; Food / Beverage; Medical; OEM / Industrial
  • Chemistry: Resin; Epoxy
  • Type: Coating
  • Substrate: Metallic; Concrete
Tint Specialty Coatings -- 0200
from Saint-Gobain Plastic Films and Tapes

0200. Blue Tint Specialty Coatings. A coated polyester base film at various gauges that is coated with a Blue Tint. 0200 blue was developed for customers who needed an easier way to identify stored roll goods. This coating can also be utilized as an alternative to dyed PET film. [See More]

  • Industry: Medical (optional feature); OEM / Industrial
  • Chemistry: Resin; Fluoropolymers
  • Type: Coating
  • Substrate: Plastic
Volextra® Flexible Extrusion Coating -- Type EVA
from Sekisui Voltek, LLC

Our Volextra process is an extremely flexible extrusion coating capability. Using state of the art technology, solid plastic is permanently melt bonded to our Volara ® foams. Polyolefin based coatings can be engineered to match your design needs, in a range of thicknesses from 0.0015" to 0.055". [See More]

  • Industry: Medical; OEM / Industrial
  • Chemistry: Resin; Vinyl; Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Copolymer
  • Type: Coating
  • Cure / Setting Technology: Thermoplastic
100% Solids Self-leveling Epoxy -- ArmorSeal®1K WB Urethane Floor Enamel
from Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings

ArmorSeal ®1K Waterbased Urethane Floor Enamel is a gloss, high performance, one component polyester waterbased urethane, formulated specifically for industrial floor applications. Provides outstanding abrasion resistance, good chemical resistance, with excellent color and gloss retention. Fast... [See More]

  • Industry: Medical; OEM / Industrial
  • Chemistry: Polyurethane; Resin
  • Type: Coating; Enamel
  • Substrate: Concrete
VICOTE® 700 Series Powder Grade Coating -- 701/ 702/ 703/ 704/ 705/ 706/ 707
from Victrex plc.

VICOTE 701-707 grades are specially developed powder coatings. They are available in various average particle sizes from 10 - 50 microns. The powders are off-white in color and are available in various melt viscosities depending on the film thickness and level of melt flow required. Typical film... [See More]

  • Industry: Automotive; Electronics; Food / Beverage; Medical; Mil-Spec (optional feature); OEM / Industrial
  • Chemistry: Resin; PEEK
  • Type: Coating; Powder Coating
  • Substrate: Aluminum; Steel; Metallic
MAC -- 408
from McGee Industries, Inc. / McLube Division

Colorless, non-oily film coating, will not transfer/contaminate compounds [See More]

  • Industry: Automotive; Medical; OEM / Industrial; Process Equipment
  • Chemistry: Resin; Molybdenum Disulfide; Fluoropolymers; Silicone
  • Type: Coating
  • Substrate: Steel; Plastic; Metallic
Beyond™ -- Multi-Purpose Enamel
from Rust-Oleum Corporation

Industrial performance, zero VOC, zero HAP, odorless, single component [See More]

  • Industry: Food / Beverage; Medical; OEM / Industrial
  • Chemistry: Polyurethane; Resin; Acrylic
  • Type: Enamel; Base Coat; Paint
  • Substrate: Steel; Metallic
Protective and Marine Finishes
from Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin-Williams is a global provider of protective and marine coatings, offering a complete line of high performance coatings technologies to combat corrosion. We deliver unmatched service and coatings specification support to meet our customers ’ coatings needs. [See More]

  • Industry: Food / Beverage; Marine; Medical; OEM / Industrial; Process Equipment; Railway
  • Chemistry: Resin; Epoxy; Fluoropolymers; Formaldehyde Resins (Phenolic, Furan, Melamine)
  • Type: Coating
  • Substrate: Wood; Plastic; Metallic
from Valspar Corporation (The)

The ultimate Public Defender. Acroflur ® is a coating designed and developed to stand up against the injustices of life. A life of hard knocks and heavy times in public places. Acroflur has a hard-to-beat durability and an equally hard-to-beat affordability. Chemistry. Built on a 2-coat,... [See More]

  • Industry: Medical
  • Chemistry: Resin; 50% PVDF
  • Type: Coating
  • Substrate: Aluminum