Connector:Other Serial Communications Products Datasheets

4-port RS-232 Universal PCI Communication Card -- PCI-1610A-BE
from Advantech

PCI bus 2.2 compliant. Supports serial speed up to 921.6 kbps, and any baud rate setting. 4-port RS-232. OXuPCI954 UART with 128-byte FIFO standard. I/O address automatically assigned by PCI Plug & Play. OS supported: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, Windows CE 5.0/6.0, Linux, and QNX. Interrupt status... [See More]

  • Connector: 1 x Female DB37
  • Network / Bus: PCI
  • Serial Protocol: RS232
1 or 2 Channel Small Form Factor USB MIL-STD-1553 Board (DABD) -- BU-67113Ux
from Data Device Corporation (DDC)

The small form factor USB board allows up to two dual redundant MIL-STD-1553 channels to be easily added to any small embedded system, laptop, or tablet computer, to provide a cost effective, light weight, small size, rugged, and reliable 1553 bus interface. These boards are designed with unique DDC... [See More]

  • Connector: USB MIL-STD-1553
  • Form Factor: Desktop / Pedestal
  • Serial Protocol: USB
DIN Rail Dual Port Signal-Powered RS-232 Line Driver -- DCP35-P
from Dataforth Corporation

The DCP35 series of products is designed to allow RS-232 devices to be inter-connected over distances sufficient to cover any industrial or institutional complex of buildings. These line drivers feature a DIN rail mountable enclosure for application to a junction box, a panel, a relay rack, the... [See More]

  • Connector: DB9; Screw terminals
  • Serial Protocol: RS232
  • Device Type: RS232 Line Driver
  • Form Factor: DIN Rail
NI 6584 (RS-422/RS 485, 16 ch, 16 Mbps, Full Duplex) Adapter -- 781290-02
from National Instruments

You can use this adapter module with an NI FlexRIO FPGA module for customized, bit-level access to RS-485/RS-422. With this combination, you can implement customized RS-485/RS-422 communication or real-time analysis on the FPGA. The NI 6584 is available in both half and full duplex. The half duplex... [See More]

  • Connector: 68-pin VHDCI Female
  • Form Factor: Rack Mounted
  • Serial Protocol: RS422; RS485
  • Data Rate: 16000
8 Port ISA RS-232 Serial Interface -- OMG-COMM8-A
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

The OMG-COMM8-A provides the PC with eight RS-232 Asynchronous ports for terminals, data collection and other devices. This product includes extended AT interrupts, extended address range for UNIX, XENIX and QNX compatibility, and an interrupt status port for greater data throughput. Set each port... [See More]

  • Connector: DB9; DB25; DB-78
  • Serial Protocol: RS232
  • Device Type: Adapter
  • Form Factor: Desktop / Pedestal; PCB
ESERV-M12T Industrial Modbus Ethernet to Serial Gateway -- ESERV-M12T
from Red Lion Controls, Inc.

Specifications: Industrial Modbus Ethernet to Serial Gateway. Up to Two Active Serial Ports via TB Serial Connectors. One 10/100Base TX RJ-45 Ethernet Port. Connects Modbus RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485 Serial Devices to your Modbus TCP LAN or WAN. DIN-Rail Enclosure. Extended Environmental... [See More]

  • Connector: RJ-45; TB Serial Connectors
  • Serial Protocol: RS232/422/485
  • Device Type: Serial Device Server
  • Network / Bus: 10/100Base-T
Asynchronous Metallic Bit-Driver® -- Model 2024
from S.I. Tech, Inc.

Model 2024 metallic Bit-Driver provides dependable, errorless performance in most data transmission environments. It features balanced circuitry with integrated transient suppressors to protect against damage from externally induced surges up to 50 Amps. This synchronous Bit-Driver is a complete,... [See More]

  • Connector: DB25; Balanced 2-Pair Metallic Circuit
  • Serial Protocol: RS232
  • Device Type: Converter; Serial Link
  • Form Factor: 7.5"x7"x3"
4-Port USB Charging Hub with OTG -- U280-004-OTG
from Tripp Lite

Tired of searching for wall outlets or swapping out one device to charge another? Tripp Lite's U280-004-OTG Charging hub with OTG is the solution, featuring four ports for charging tablets, phones, or other mobile devices, all at the same time. It provides a single location to charge multiple... [See More]

  • Connector: USB A (FEMALE), USB A (FEMALE) (X4)
  • Serial Protocol: USB
  • Device Type: Hub
  • Network / Bus: USB
VIPA SLIO Module, Communication Processor -- 040-1BA00
from Yaskawa America, Inc. - Motion Division

Features. Easy Web Insterface. Every VIPA SLIO E/IP and Modbus TCP Fieldbus module has a web interface for displaying diagnostic information and status of attached modules. A simple connection of your network allows remote access to your VIPA SLIO modules. High Speed Backpland Bus. Achieve reaction... [See More]

  • Connector: Terminal Module
  • Data Rate: 0.1500 to 115
  • Serial Protocol: RS232
  • Agency Approvals: UL Listing Mark
Serial Interface RS232 C -- EL6001
from Beckhoff Automation LLC

The EL6001 serial interface enables the connection of devices with RS232 interface and operates in conformity with the CCITT V.28/DIN 66 259-1 standards. The device connected to the EL6001 EtherCAT Terminal communicates with the automation device via the coupler. The active communication channel... [See More]

  • Connector: Spring Force Terminals
  • Serial Protocol: RS232
  • Device Type: Adapter
  • Network / Bus: 100Base-T; EtherCAT
Emerald-MM -- EMM-4M-XT
from Diamond Systems Corporation

4-ch rs-232/422/485, extended temperature [See More]

  • Connector: IDC Connectors
  • Serial Protocol: RS232; RS422; RS485; RS232/422/485
  • Device Type: Adapter
  • Network / Bus: PC/104 (PC/104-Plus, EBX, ETX)
16-Port -- Model 8011
from ELMA Electronic Inc.

Provides sixteen 16550-based UARTs using RS232 signaling. UARTS operate at 300 baud to 115 Kbaud. I/O accessed via 68-pin SCSI connector on front panel. Rear I/O provided by wiring all ports to the P4 connector [See More]

  • Connector: P4 Connector
  • Serial Protocol: RS232
  • Device Type: Serial Port
  • Form Factor: PCB
Communication Interface - USB/HART -- Commubox FXA195
from Endress+Hauser, Inc.

The Commubox FXA195 is a intrinsically safe interface for Smart transmitters. It converts HART protocols to USB signals. Your benefits: Remote commissioning of field devices directly from the control room or anywhere in the current loop. Full support for FieldCare and ReadWin operating programs. For... [See More]

  • Connector: USB, Adapter Bushing, 4 mm
  • Serial Protocol: USB
  • Device Type: Converter
  • Network / Bus: HART
Aboundi Ethernet Fiber Dual SerialBridge SM ST 20Km -- ARS1300-220T
from L-com, Inc.

The Aboundi ARS1300 Ethernet Optical Dual Fiber Dual SerialBridge provides connectivity between an Ethernet LAN and serial devices via Multimode or Single Mode fiber optic cabling. This product features one Fiber ST (or SC) interface that connects to an Ethernet LAN. The maximum fiber distance... [See More]

  • Connector: DB25; Screw Terminals
  • Serial Protocol: RS232; RS422; RS485
  • Device Type: Converter
  • Form Factor: Shelf
Embedded device server -- MiiNePort E2 Series
from Moxa Inc.

Moxa's MiiNePort E2 embedded device servers, which do not have an RJ45 Ethernet connector, are designed for manufacturers who want to add sophisticated network connectivity to their serial devices with minimal integration effort. The MiiNePort E2 is empowered by the MiiNe, Moxa's second generation... [See More]

  • Connector: Embedded
  • Network / Bus: 10Base-T; 100Base-T
  • Device Type: Serial Device Server
  • Form Factor: PCB
High Speed Repeater -- AC38A
from Opto 22

High Speed RS-485 Repeater 120 VAC [See More]

  • Connector: Screw Terminals
  • Serial Protocol: RS485
  • Device Type: Repeater
  • Network / Bus: Multidrop Network
MultiComm™ -- PRV-5022X-01
from Parvus Corporation

PC/104 8 serial, Ethernet, 2 CAN, 16 DIO ports [See More]

  • Connector: RJ-45; AUI
  • Serial Protocol: RS232/422/485
  • Device Type: Adapter
  • Network / Bus: 10Base-T; CANbus; PC/104 (PC/104-Plus, EBX, ETX)
RS-232 to X.21 Converter Rack Card -- Model 2065RC
from Patton Electronics Co.

The Model 2065RC and 2066RC interface converter rack cards allow synchronous X.21 DCE hardware to communicate with synchronous RS-232 or V.35 hardware, respectively (the RS-232/V.35 interface is DCE/DTE switchable). Both units fit in Patton's rack chassis and ClusterBoxes ™, and derive their... [See More]

  • Connector: UD-26
  • Serial Protocol: RS232
  • Device Type: Rack Card
  • Form Factor: PCB
R³ Multiplex Serial Interface -- 2022E
from RFID, Inc.

There are a multitude of Interfaces, some of which incorporate their own Reader in a single pcb or housing. Each incorporate just about every protocol specification available including protocols of RS232, RS422, RS485, hex or bcd parallel outputs, all baud rates to 9600, modes of operation ranging... [See More]

  • Connector: DB25; DIN 41612 Type C
  • Serial Protocol: RS232; RS422
Line Splitter -- TROVIS 5486
from SAMSON Controls, Inc.

The TROVIS 5486 Line Splitter divides the RS-232-C signal of a. modem interface X1 to two interface ports: port X3 for a controller. which controls the modem, and port X2 for one or more controllers. This allows two or more controllers to be connected to a. control station via a modem without... [See More]

  • Connector: DB9; RJ-12
  • Serial Protocol: RS232
  • Device Type: Line Splitter
  • Form Factor: Stand-Alone
ACC-188 Synchronous Serial Adapter -- 9064-ARC-231
from Sealevel Systems, Inc.

The ACC-188 PCMCIA synchronous serial radio adapter and free software from the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) upgrades tactical radios with the capability to send and receive IP data such as GPS maps, images, coordinates, and IM-type communications. The ACC-188 operates in conjunction... [See More]

  • Connector: 32-Pin Circular Military Connector
  • Network / Bus: PCMCIA
  • Device Type: Adapter
  • Form Factor: PCB; Cable
Embedded Device Server -- Nemo10
from Sena Technologies

Single-port 10-BaseT embedded device server module for RS232 serial devices [See More]

  • Connector: UART
  • Serial Protocol: RS232
  • Device Type: Serial Device Server
  • Network / Bus: 10Base-T
OEM Protocol Gateway, ProtoCessor ASP
from Sierra Monitor Corporation

Embedded co-processor module for high volume applications with configurable DIP switches expands OEM ’s addressable markets with multi-protocol support. Decrease time-to-market. Reduce development cost. Minimize execution risk. ProtoCessors are a family of low-cost TTL to RS-485, Ethernet, and... [See More]

  • Connector: 3 Way Pheonix Connect, 20 Pin expansion 12 pin General Purpose I/O
  • Network / Bus: LonWorks
  • Serial Protocol: RS485
  • Form Factor: PCB
2 Channel RS232/485 Modules -- MXRS-2
from Ultra Electronics, manufacturer of Weed Instrument products

EOTec 2000 Multiplexers can send up to sixteen channels of bi-directional electrical information over a pair of fiber optic cable. Input/Output module selections include 4-20mA, 0-10VDC, contact closure and RS-232/485. The base unit connects directly to the fiber optic cable and provides a visual... [See More]

  • Connector: Pluggable, Cage Clamp Screw Terminal Blocks, Accept 12 to 24 AWG
  • Number of Ports: 2
  • Serial Protocol: RS232; RS485
  • Agency Approvals: CE Conformity; Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D for the US and Canada; ATEX, Zone-2, Category-3
4-Channel Serial Interface VMIP™ -- VM6068
from VTI Instruments Corporation

The VM6068 is a high-performance serial interface card that can be configured to support many serial interfaces, and not just the traditionally supported UART. It is a message-based instrument which has a SCPI-compatible command set and VXIplug &play drivers for ease of use. In order to support... [See More]

  • Connector: 68-pin SCSI
  • Network / Bus: VME / VXI; VMIP™
  • Serial Protocol: RS232; RS422; RS485; RS232/422/485; RS-423, RS-449, V.35 and EIA-530
  • Form Factor: PCB
Dual Serial Module with Printer Port -- PCM-DSPIO
from WinSystems, Inc.

Two 8250-compatible serial channels, programmable serial interface [See More]

  • Connector: 20-pin Serial, 26-pin Parallel
  • Serial Protocol: RS232; RS422 (optional feature); RS485 (optional feature)
  • Device Type: Adapter
  • Network / Bus: PC/104 (PC/104-Plus, EBX, ETX)

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