Mounting / Form Factor:Other Serial Communications Products Datasheets

Rugged, Industrial Grade, 4-Port High-Speed USB 2.0 Hub with High-Retention USB Connectors and Extended Temperature Operation -- USB-104-HUB
from ACCES I/O Products, Inc.

Features. Rugged, industrialized, four-port USB hub. High-speed USB 2.0 device, USB 3.0 and 1.1 compatible. Extended temperature (-40 °C to +85 °C) for industrial grade applications. Data transfer rates up to 480 Mbps. Supports bus powered and self powered modes. Three power input connectors... [See More]

  • Form Factor: DIN Rail (optional feature); Module
  • Network / Bus: USB
  • Device Type: Hub
  • Number of Ports: 4
IOS-500 Series Serial Communication Module -- IOS-520
from Acromag, Inc.

IOS Modules plug into the 4-slot carrier card that is integrated within the I/O Server. Different modules can mix or match in any combination to meet the I/O requirements. IOS-520 modules provide eight asynchronous serial communication ports from a single carrier slot. Software-configuration helps... [See More]

  • Form Factor: Module
  • Serial Protocol: RS232
  • Device Type: Communication Module
  • Data Rate: 230
EKI-1500 Series Serial Device Server
from B+B SmartWorx

Remotely monitor, manage, and control serial devices over Ethernet and IP networks with EKI-1500 Series RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 Device Servers. Advantech's EKI-1000 series not only has proven its reliability and throughput capabilities during real-world testing, but also features versatile... [See More]

  • Form Factor: Module
  • Serial Protocol: RS232/422/485
  • Device Type: Serial Device Server
  • Network / Bus: 10/100Base-T
Asynchronous Metallic Bit-Driver® -- Model 2024
from S.I. Tech, Inc.

Model 2024 metallic Bit-Driver provides dependable, errorless performance in most data transmission environments. It features balanced circuitry with integrated transient suppressors to protect against damage from externally induced surges up to 50 Amps. This synchronous Bit-Driver is a complete,... [See More]

  • Form Factor: 7.5"x7"x3"
  • Serial Protocol: RS232
  • Device Type: Converter; Serial Link
  • Data Rate: 56
Quadrature to USB Adapter -- QSB
from US Digital

The QSB is a low cost USB data acquisition device that can count quadrature and index signals from an incremental encoder, provide digital I/O, perform A/D conversion or act as a stepper/motor controller. There are 3 variants that provide a mix of different features. [See More]

  • Form Factor: Module
  • Serial Protocol: USB
  • Device Type: Adapter
  • Network / Bus: USB; Quadrature
Serial to Ethernet Device Server -- LS100
from Antaira Technologies, LLC

Supports RS232 based serial devices via DB9 serial port [See More]

  • Form Factor: DIN Rail; Wall Mount
  • Serial Protocol: RS232
  • Device Type: Serial Device Server
  • Network / Bus: 10Base-T
Serial Interface RS232 C -- EL6001
from Beckhoff Automation LLC

The EL6001 serial interface enables the connection of devices with RS232 interface and operates in conformity with the CCITT V.28/DIN 66 259-1 standards. The device connected to the EL6001 EtherCAT Terminal communicates with the automation device via the coupler. The active communication channel... [See More]

  • Form Factor: Modular
  • Serial Protocol: RS232
  • Device Type: Adapter
  • Network / Bus: 100Base-T; EtherCAT
Emerald-MM -- EMM-4M-XT
from Diamond Systems Corporation

4-ch rs-232/422/485, extended temperature [See More]

  • Form Factor: SMT
  • Serial Protocol: RS232; RS422; RS485; RS232/422/485
  • Device Type: Adapter
  • Network / Bus: PC/104 (PC/104-Plus, EBX, ETX)
RS232 Extender -- GW132-25
from Greenwich Instruments Ltd.

The GW132 RS232 Serial Line Driver is designed for use with Personal Computers and Peripherals, allowing the usual distance limitations associated with RS232 serial communications to be overcome. There are no switches to set, all data is transparent to the units and no power supplies are necessary... [See More]

  • Form Factor: Cable
  • Serial Protocol: RS232
  • Device Type: Line Extender
  • Connector: DB25
from Howard Computers

Audio and Video professionals who need to equip their systems with FireWire ports, demand the maximum of reliability coupled with wide compatibility and ease of use. FireBoard 400-OHCI offers the best design ever to be found on a FireWire adapter. It brings Industrial specs to the every day user,... [See More]

  • Form Factor: Plug-in card
  • Network / Bus: PCI
  • Device Type: Adapter
  • Data Rate: 400000
Serial Device Server -- DE-211
from Industrial PC, Inc.

Universal serial device server for industrial devices [See More]

  • Form Factor: DIN Rail (optional feature); Panel; Wall Mount
  • Serial Protocol: RS232/422/485
  • Device Type: Serial Device Server
  • Network / Bus: 10Base-T
CDN366 Serial Gateway -- CDN366
from MKS Instruments, Inc.

The CDN366 is a compact RS232 toDeviceNet serial gateway. The unit is housed in a 2 ½ X 3 ¼ plastichousing with mounting tabs. A 5 pin micro connector provides theDeviceNet interface and a 9 pin D connector provides the RS232interface. The DeviceNet channel is fully isolated from the... [See More]

  • Form Factor: Device Module
  • Serial Protocol: RS232
  • Device Type: DeviceNet to RS232 Interface
  • Network / Bus: DeviceNet
1-Port RS-232/422/485 Servers -- NPort 5100A Series
from Moxa Inc.

The NPort 5100A device servers are designed to make serial devices network-ready in an instant and give your PC software direct access to serial devices from anywhere on the network. The NPort 5100A device servers are ultra lean, ruggedized, and user friendly, making simple and reliable serial to... [See More]

  • Form Factor: Wall Mount
  • Serial Protocol: RS232
  • Device Type: Serial Device Server
  • Network / Bus: 10Base-T; 100Base-T
High Speed Repeater -- AC38A
from Opto 22

High Speed RS-485 Repeater 120 VAC [See More]

  • Form Factor: Stand Alone
  • Serial Protocol: RS485
  • Device Type: Repeater
  • Network / Bus: Multidrop Network
MultiComm™ -- PRV-5021X-01
from Parvus Corporation

PC/104 8 serial ports [See More]

  • Form Factor: PCB; PC/104
  • Serial Protocol: RS232/422/485
  • Device Type: Adapter
  • Network / Bus: PC/104 (PC/104-Plus, EBX, ETX)
Asynchronous Null-Modem Adapter -- Model 6A
from Patton Electronics Co.

Data Terminals don't want to talk to each other! Neither do Personal Computers or serial printers! They will only talk to modems (DCEs), not to each other (DTEs). But these devices can be fooled into thinking they are connected to modems when they are not. Our Null Modem Adapters (sometimes called... [See More]

  • Form Factor: In-Line
  • Serial Protocol: RS232
  • Device Type: Adapter; Null-Modem Adapter
  • Network / Bus: Serial
ASCII Serial Communication Interface -- MVI56-GSC
from ProSoft Technology, Inc.

The MVI56-GSC module is a single slot, backplane compatible solution for the Rockwell Automation ControlLogix platform. This module has two powerful and fully configurable ASCII communication ports, each supporting the sending and receiving of large ASCII character strings. With the implementation... [See More]

  • Form Factor: Single Slot Backplane
  • Network / Bus: ControlLogix
  • Serial Protocol: RS232; RS422; RS485; RS232/422/485
  • Data Rate: 115
Line Splitter -- TROVIS 5486
from SAMSON Controls, Inc.

The TROVIS 5486 Line Splitter divides the RS-232-C signal of a. modem interface X1 to two interface ports: port X3 for a controller. which controls the modem, and port X2 for one or more controllers. This allows two or more controllers to be connected to a. control station via a modem without... [See More]

  • Form Factor: Stand-Alone
  • Serial Protocol: RS232
  • Device Type: Line Splitter
  • Data Rate: 100
ACC-188 Synchronous Serial Adapter -- 9064-ARC-231
from Sealevel Systems, Inc.

The ACC-188 PCMCIA synchronous serial radio adapter and free software from the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) upgrades tactical radios with the capability to send and receive IP data such as GPS maps, images, coordinates, and IM-type communications. The ACC-188 operates in conjunction... [See More]

  • Form Factor: PCB; Cable
  • Network / Bus: PCMCIA
  • Device Type: Adapter
  • Number of Ports: 1
Bluetooth Serial Adapter -- Parani™-SD100
from Sena Technologies

Software-free configuration support using DIP-Switch and pairing button [See More]

  • Form Factor: Portable; Self-Contained
  • Serial Protocol: RS232
  • Device Type: Adapter
  • Network / Bus: Bluetooth
IPG/7000 Series -- IPG/7101
from Systech Corporation

The IPG/7000 Series comes with either phone ports or DB25 serial ports. The phone ports are standard phone RJ-11 wall jacks. Using these ports, the IPG acts like the phone company, answering calls, but routing them over a network connection instead of through the phone system. The DB25 serial ports,... [See More]

  • Form Factor: Module
  • Serial Protocol: RS232
  • Device Type: Converter; Dial-to-IP Gateways/Converters
  • Network / Bus: 10Base-T
TekVPI™ Interface Adapter -- TPA-BNC
from Tektronix, Inc.

TPA-BNC Adapter enables existing TekProbe ® interface products (active, differential, high-voltage, current, and optical probes) to be used with Tektronix' newest generation of DPO7000 and DPO4000 Series Oscilloscopes which feature the new TekVPI ™ probe interface architecture. Existing... [See More]

  • Form Factor: Plug In Adapter
  • Connector: BNC
  • Device Type: Interface Adapter