Wireless Link Serial Adapters Datasheets

Measuring Array Sensor -- EZ-ARRAY USB Serial Adapter
from Banner Engineering Corp.

Overview. A quick solution for converting from a universal serial bus interface to the EZ-ARRAY RS-485 interface. For use with the A-GAGE EZ-ARRAY measuring light curtain, when using PC-based EZ-ARRAY software. Connects to a USB port on a computer or USB hub. Provides a quick solution for converting... [See More]

  • Connector: Wireless
  • Network / Bus: USB
  • Serial Protocol: RS485
  • Operating Temperature: 0.0 to 50
Bluetooth Serial Adapter -- Parani™-SD100
from Sena Technologies

Software-free configuration support using DIP-Switch and pairing button [See More]

  • Connector: DB9; Wireless
  • Network / Bus: Bluetooth
  • Serial Protocol: RS232
  • Form Factor: Portable; Self-Contained