Switched / Alarm Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors Datasheets

18 mm Dual Switching Ultrasonic Sensor -- UA 18 CAD 04 NP M1 TI
from CARLO GAVAZZI Automation Components

A self-contained multi function diffuse ultrasonic sensor with a sensing range of 50 to 2200 mm in three ranges. 2 switching outputs - easely set up for two different output modes and adjusted by teach-in - makes it ideal for level control tasks in a wide variety of vessels. A sturdy one-piece... [See More]

  • Electrical Output: Switched / Alarm
  • Operating Temperature: -4 to 140
  • Operation Distance: 1.97 to 15.75
  • Switch Type: Normally Open (optional feature); Normally Closed (optional feature)
Ultrasonic Sensor -- ToughSonic 14
from Senix Corporation

The ToughSonic 14 ultrasonic sensor is an all-purpose ultrasonic sensor with a maximum range of 14 feet (4.3 meters). Like all ToughSonic sensors, it ’s built for durability and ease of use in tough industrial environments. It ’s fully submersible, corrosion resistant, shock resistant... [See More]

  • Electrical Output: Voltage; Current; Switched / Alarm
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to 158
  • Operation Distance: 4 to 168
  • Switch Type: Normally Open; Normally Closed
18mm Ultrasonic Sensor: 0-10 VDC analog output, 100-600 mm range -- SU1-B1-0A
from Automationdirect.com

Ultrasonic proximity sensor, 18mm diameter, 18-30 VDC, 4-wire, 0-10 VDC analog output, 100-600 mm nominal sensing distance, 2-meter cable exit. Mounting hex nuts included. [See More]

  • Electrical Output: Switched / Alarm
  • Body Shape: Cylindrical
  • Operation Distance: 3.94 to 23.62
  • Diameter: 0.7087
Ultrasonic Sensors - Ultrasonic Sensor -- BUS M12E0-PPXCR-020-S04G
from Balluff, Inc.

Ultrasonic Sensors. Sound solutions for object detection and measurement. Whether your application is position detection, distance measurement, or the detection of solid, powder, or liquid media: BUS ultrasonic sensors are precise all-around performers. They remain high-performance independent of... [See More]

  • Electrical Output: Switched / Alarm
  • Output Load: DC Load
  • Switch Type: Normally Open; Normally Closed
  • Electrical Connection: Connector, M12x1 4 poles
Analog Output Sensors -- U-GAGE® Sonic OMNI-BEAM Ultrasonic Sensors
from Banner Engineering Corp.

Consists of a sensing head and either an ac or dc power block. Provides either discrete or analog output, depending on power block used. Features an adjustable 80 to 560 mm sensing window. Includes a 10-element moving-dot LED range indicator to simplify setup and monitoring [See More]

  • Electrical Output: Voltage; Switched / Alarm
  • Operation Distance: 3.15 to 22.05
Drive Thru Vehicle Sensor -- USVD-4X
from EMX Industries, Inc.

The USVD-4X Drive Thru Vehicle Sensor uses patent pending Triangular Planar Array (TPA) technology to detect the presence of a vehicle. The USVD handles any drive thru operation such as fast food, banking, pharmacies, car washes and parking. For these types of applications, the USVD Drive Thru... [See More]

  • Electrical Output: Switched / Alarm
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to 182
  • Operation Distance: 12 to 60
  • Output Load: AC Load; DC Load