-3.3 V Flip-Flops Datasheets

MICREL SEMICONDUCTOR - SY100EL29VZC - IC, D-TYPE FLIP FLOP DUAL, 720PS SOIC-20 -- 449042 [SY100EL29VZC from Micrel, Inc.]
from 1-Source Electronic Components

IC, D-TYPE FLIP FLOP DUAL, 720PS SOIC-20. Flip-Flop Type:D. Propagation Delay:700ps. Frequency:1.1GHz. Output Current:50mA. Trigger Type:Positive Edge. IC Output Type:Differential / Complementary. Supply Voltage Range:-3V to -5.5V. RoHS Compliant: No [See More]

  • Supply Voltage: -5V; -4.5V; -3.3V; -3V; -3V to -5.5V
  • Triggering: Positive-edge Triggered
  • Flip-Flop Type: D
  • Output Characteristics: Complementary Output