Buffer Amplifier Function Extension Box -- ATBA-16E
from CONTEC Co., Ltd.

This product is the Extension box which connects with the analog input board of our company, and extends a buffer amplifier function. By using buffer amplifier, it can be cancelable to the cross talk phenomenon generated when measuring the source of a signal that response speed is slowly. Moreover,... [See More]

  • Operating Range: Industrial
  • Standards: RoHS
  • Life Cycle Stage: Rapid Growth; Maturity
Amplifier -- MSK-0006
from M.S. Kennedy Corp.

The MSK 0006 is an integrated high voltage, high current driver designed to accept standard DTL or TTL logic levels and drive a load of up to 400 mA at 28V. AND inputs are provided along with an Expander connection, should additional gating be required. The addition of an external capacitor provides... [See More]

  • Operating Range: Commercial; Industrial
  • Quiescent Current (IQ): 2000
  • Supply Voltage (VS): 45
  • Slew Rate: 1.5
100V 10A 125W High Power Operational Amplifier -- PAD39
from Power Amp Design

The PAD39 is a power operational amplifier constructed with surface mount components to provide a cost effective solution for many industrial applications With a footprint only 3.3in2 the PAD39 offers outstanding performance that rivals more expensive hybrid component amplifiers or rack-mount... [See More]

  • Operating Range: Commercial (optional feature); Industrial (optional feature); Medical (optional feature)
  • VOS: 1 to 3
  • Supply Voltage (VS): 15 to 50
  • IBIAS: 1.00E-4
from Texas Instruments High-Performance Analog

Up to 11.3-Gbps Operation. Loss-of-Signal Detection (LOS). Adjustable Output Voltage. Low Power Consumption. Input Offset Cancellation. CML Data Outputs With On-Chip, 50-ohm Back-Termination to VCC. Single 3.3 V Supply. Surface-Mount, Small-Footprint, 3-mm × 3-mm, 16-Pin QFN Package. [See More]

  • Operating Range: Industrial
  • Source Current (IS): 33 to 49
  • Supply Voltage (VS): 2.9 to 3.6
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to 85
from Jameco Electronics


  • Operating Range: Industrial
  • VOS: 0.2200
  • Supply Voltage (VS): 15
  • IBIAS: 0.0150