Gearing (if applicable):Other AC Motors Datasheets

30R-D Series Parallel Shaft AC Gearmotor -- Model 5461
from Bodine Electric Company

Standard Features. Totally Enclosed, non-ventilated IP-20 rating. Class "B" insulation system. Aluminum end shields for high thermal efficiency and light weight. Unvented gearhousing for universal horizontal mounting. Industrial lip type seals on motor and output shafts. Needle bearings throughout... [See More]

  • Gear Type: Spur; Helical
  • Phase: Single-phase
  • AC Voltage: 120V/60Hz
  • Shaft Speed: 19
Inline Gearmotors -- D** 10 DD ZBA 63 A 2
from Demag Cranes & Components

Demag type D helical gear motors are available in 9 sizes, as foot and flange-mounted units. The gear ratio of the basic two-stage gearbox is already very high. It can also be significantly increased by means of a third stage. Sizes D11 to D41 feature a housing of high-quality pressure die-cast... [See More]

  • Gear Type: Helical
  • Phase: Three-phase
  • AC Voltage: 208-230/240V 60Hz; 460/480V/60Hz; 575/600V/60Hz (optional feature); International Voltages (optional feature)
  • Shaft Speed: 50 to 389
AC Gearmotor,Inline,RPM 128 -- 6RHV8 [SK572.1-100L/4, 13.67, 1.25 from Nord Gear Corporation]
from Grainger Industrial Supply

AC Gearmotor, Inline, Nameplate RPM 128, Full Load Torque 1516 In.-Lbs., 230/460 VAC, 3, Overhung Load 1257 Lb., Input HP 3, Gear Ratio 13.67, Enclosure TEFC, Rotation Reversible, Horizontal Mounting [See More]

  • Gear Type: Helical
  • Phase: Three-phase
  • AC Voltage: 208-230/240V 60Hz; 460/480V/60Hz; International Voltages
  • Shaft Speed: 106 to 150
Motor, Synchronous, Geared, A -- 70030148 [3006-013 from Nidec Motor Corporation]
from Allied Electronics, Inc.

The 60 Hz can-stack motors operate at synchronous speeds of 300 and 600 rpm. High-quality gearing is available for the can-stack motors. The ceramic rotor magnet material provides a relatively high flux resulting in a good torque-to-size ratio at moderate cost. Features: Good Torque-to-Size Ratio at... [See More]

  • Gear Type: A, AB
  • Continuous Torque: 1.81
  • Shaft Speed: 20
  • Gearing: Gearmotor
107 Series 3-Phase Inverter Duty 230V Gearmotor -- 017-107-0007
from Bison Gear and Engineering

Specifications. Lubrication:: Lifetime oil bath. Bearings:: Needle. Mounting:: All position. Gearhead Specifications. Gearing:: First stage helical steel, balance powdered metal or steel. Geartrain:: Engineered to handle up to 200% shockloading. Housing:: Precision machined die cast aluminum. Motor... [See More]

  • Gear Type: Spur; Helical
  • Phase: Three-phase
  • AC Voltage: 208-230/240V 60Hz
  • Shaft Speed: 24 to 368
P1 Series -- HTSYG046B0
from HTI Technology & Industries

Shaft mounted pulley or gears, subassembly or complete product assembly [See More]

  • Gear Type: helix-straight
  • Phase: Single-phase
  • AC Voltage: 120V/60Hz; 208-230/240V 60Hz; International Voltages; 24-230V 50-60Hz
  • Shaft Speed: 3 to 5
Wheel Motor -- Euclid Chassisdrive 14 Series
from Kinetek Gearmotors

Applications. Load movers. Material handling. Floor cleaning equipment. Mobile work platforms. AGVs. Features. Vent-less permanent magnet motor (0.5-2 hp/ 24 or 36 VDC TENV). Specifically designed as a self contained drive. Simply ‘bolt on and plug in ’. Electrically released parking... [See More]

  • Gear Type: Helical
  • Output Power: 2
  • AC Voltage: 36Vac
  • Features: Multi-speed
0IK1A AC Induction Gear Motor -- 0IK1A-A
from Sinotech

Insulation Resistance: 100M Ω at 500V between motor winding and shell. Insulation Voltage:1500V 50/60Hz @1min between motor winding and shell. Temperature Rise: Max 80oC. Insulation Class: Class B (130oC). Operating Temperature: -10oC to +40oC (Three phase -10oC to +50oC). Humidity: 85% max. [See More]

  • Gear Type: Spur; Planetary (optional feature)
  • Phase: Single-phase
  • AC Voltage: 120V/60Hz; International Voltages
  • Shaft Speed: 50 to 1200
Hyponic® Gearmotor -- Hyponic® Series
from Sumitomo Machinery Corp. of America

The Sumitomo Hyponic ® gearmotor represents 60 years of excellence in the design and manufacture of premium gearing solutions. With millions of Hyponics currently in service, the product features a compact, modular housing, maintenance-free grease lubrication, and high efficiency operation. [See More]

  • Gear Type: Hypoid
  • Phase: Three-phase
  • AC Voltage: 208-230/240V 60Hz; 460/480V/60Hz
  • Shaft Speed: 1 to 350