Connectorized Oscillators Datasheets

Coaxial Resonator Oscillator (Commercial) -- 8100
from Crane Aerospace & Electronics

Crane's Microwave Solutions offers a wide range of product solutions from component level devices to complex, advanced integrated microwave assemblies. • High stability, fixed frequency source. • 0.75 to 2.9 GHz frequency coverage. • Mechanical and electrical tuning options. Benefits. [See More]

  • Package / Form Factor: Connectorized
  • Frequency: 750 to 2900
  • Oscillator Type: Coaxial Resonator Oscillator
  • Output Power: 8
Broadband SI BJT VCOS -- Model VTO-10250-44
from Phase Matrix, Inc.

The VTO-10250-44M/T provide a low noise fundamental voltage controlled source covering 8 to 12.5 GHz and can be used as clock source for high-speed system or a local oscillator/ Transmitter oscillator for high frequency communication/radar systems. [See More]

  • Package / Form Factor: Through Hole; Connectorized (optional feature)
  • Connectors: SMA
  • Oscillator Type: VCO
  • Frequency: 8000 to 12500