SPI Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) Chips Datasheets

Data Acquisition - Analog to Digital Converters (ADC) -- 1127-1198-1-ND [HMCAD1520 from Analog Devices, Inc.]
from Digi-Key Corporation

IC ADC 8/12/14/16B SPI/SRL 48QFN [See More]

  • Interface Type: SPI; SPI
  • Packing Method: Cut Tape (CT)
  • Package Type: 48-VFQFN Exposed Pad
  • Pins: 48
±18-Bit ADC with Serial Interface -- MAX132
from Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.

The MAX132 is a CMOS, 18-bit plus sign, serial-output, analog-to-digital converter (ADC). Multi-slope integration provides high-resolution conversions in less time than standard integrating ADCs, allowing operation up to 100 conversions per second. Low conversion noise provides guaranteed operation... [See More]

  • Interface Type: SPI
  • Pins: 24
  • Package Type: SOIC; CDIP; PDIP
  • Resolution: 18
Sigma Analog-to-Digital Converter Device -- MCP3550-50
from Microchip Technology, Inc.

The MCP355X devices are 2.7V to 5.5V low-power, 22-bit delta-sigma A/D converters. The devices offer output noise as low as 2.5 µVrms with a total unadjusted error of less than 10 ppm. The family exhibits less than 6 ppm integral non-linearity (INL) error, 3 µV offset error, and 2 ppm... [See More]

  • Interface Type: SPI
  • Production Status: Full-Production
  • Package Type: SOIC (optional feature); MSOP
  • Screening Level: Extended
ADC081500 High Performance, Low Power, 8-Bit, 1.5 GSPS A/D Converter -- ADC081500CIYB/NOPB
from Texas Instruments

High Performance, Low Power, 8-Bit, 1.5 GSPS A/D Converter 128-HLQFP -40 to 85 [See More]

  • Interface Type: Serial; Parallel; SPI
  • Screening Level: Catalog
  • Package Type: HLQFP
  • Resolution: 8
10-BIT ADC, I2C, SINGLE CHANNEL -- 70045407 [MCP3021A5T-E/OT from Microchip Technology, Inc.]
from Allied Electronics, Inc.

Microchip's SAR (Successive Approximation Register) ADC offering provides a broad selection for low power applications. Based on advanced CMOS architecture and innovative design, these devices operate with an active conversion current as low as 175 μA. The MCP30XX, MCP32XX, and MCP33XX families... [See More]

  • Interface Type: SPI; I2C
  • Resolution: ? to 10
  • Package Type: SOT-23A-5
  • Sample Rate: 22
1813075 [MAX11040GUU+ from Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.]
from Farnell Europe

ADC, 24BIT, 4CH, 38TSSOP [See More]

  • Interface Type: Serial; SPI; Microwire
  • Pins: 38
  • Package Type: TSSOP
  • Resolution: 24
Analog to Digital Converter -- 145040
from Lansdale Semiconductor, Inc.

Motorola/Freescale - CMOS 145000. This family of CMOS PLL devices is designed to perform phase-locked loop functions and includes phase detectors, dividers, encoders, decoders, and oscillators, which use the lower power consumption of the CMOS process. [See More]

  • Interface Type: SPI
  • Production Status: Discontinued
  • Package Type: SOIC (optional feature); SSOP (optional feature); TSSOP (optional feature); PLCC (optional feature); DIP (optional feature)
  • Screening Level: Commercial; Industrial
Advanced Differential Sensor Signal Conditioner -- ZSC31050
from Servoflo Corporation

ZSC31050 (formerly called ZMD31050) is a CMOS integrated circuit for highly-accurate amplification and sensor-specific correction of bridge sensor and temperature sensor signals. The device provides digital compensation of sensor offset, sensitivity, temperature drift and nonlinearity by a 16-bit... [See More]

  • Interface Type: SPI; I2C; ZACwire™
  • Screening Level: Commercial; Industrial; Automotive
  • Package Type: SSOP (optional feature); Die
  • Packing Method: Tape Reel (optional feature); Tube (optional feature)