Bluetooth® RF Transceivers Bluetooth® Chips Datasheets

Bluetooth Smart (Low Energy): Pan1720 Series -- ENW-89820A1KF
from Panasonic

A complete Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy solution. Modules in this Series include an embedded processor, antenna and BluetoothLow Energy stack. The NEW PAN1720 Series is a cost-effective, low-power, true system-on-chip (SoC) for Bluetooth Low Energy applications. The module includes an eight channel,... [See More]

  • Bluetooth Component: RF Transceivers; Single Chip Solutions
  • Interface: SoC
Bluetooth® Radio Modem -- SiW1711™
from RF Micro Devices, Inc. (RFMD)

Single-chip IC, 2.4GHz transceiver and GFSK modem with digital interface [See More]

  • Bluetooth Component: RF Transceivers
  • Bluetooth Power Class: 2.5 mW (4dB/m). 10 Meter LOS Range; 1mW (0dB/M). 1-Meter LOS Range.
  • Bluetooth Compliance: 1.2
  • Interface: SPI
OEM Bluetooth-Serial Module -- Parani™-ESD100
from Sena Technologies

Built-in antenna included, easy to use windows configuration tool available [See More]

  • Bluetooth Component: RF Transceivers; Modules
  • Bluetooth Power Class: 100 mW (20dB/m) 100 Meter LOS Range
  • Bluetooth Compliance: 1.2
  • Interface: UART