Blazecrete® Gunning Mixes -- Blazecrete 2300 ARG
from BNZ Materials, Inc.

Suitable for areas where abrasive or erosive conditions exist [See More]

  • Features: Gunning or Shotcrete
  • Bond / Binder: Calcium Aluminate Bond
  • Refractory: Alumina
  • Composition or ASTM/EN Cement Type : 33.4%Al2O3-40.2%SiO2-7.9%Fe2O3-13.6%CaO-0.2%Na2O+K2O
Betagun® -- Betagun 2
from Pryor Giggey Co.

Betagun ® 2 is a bauxite based, low cement, low rebound gunning castable designed for molten aluminum contact. For use in areas where resistance to aluminum penetration and thermal shock are required. [See More]

  • Features: Gunning or Shotcrete
  • Max Use Temperature: 1649
  • Refractory: Alumina; Silicate / Clay
  • MOR / Flexural Strength: 900 to 1200