Zirconia Dielectric Ceramics and Substrates Datasheets

Zirconia PSZ Machined Components
from Insaco, Inc.

Zirconia PSZ are cream colored blends with approximately 10% MgO and are high in toughness, retaining this property to elevated temperatures. They are somewhat lower in cost but have larger grain structure. Zirconia is best known among ceramics as being both hard and fracture-tough at room... [See More]

  • Material Type: Zirconia
  • Resistivity: 1.00E8
  • Dielectric Strength: 387795
  • Composition or ASTM/EN Cement Type : 90ZrO2-10MgO
Yttria Partially Stabilized Zirconia (YTZP) Ceramic Component
from San Jose Delta Associates, Inc.

While the same design features common to alumina ceramics; blind holes, threads etc. are easily produced in Zirconia the grinding time required is about fifty percent more. The post-grinding surface finish is significantly better than a comparable feature in most aluminas. Zirconia is much more... [See More]

  • Material Type: Yttria; Zirconia
  • Dielectric Constant: 29
  • Dielectric Strength: 9.00E6
  • Resistivity: 1.00E14 to 2.00E14

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