Schottky Barrier Diodes High Voltage Diodes Datasheets

General Purpose Schottky Diode -- 1N5711
from Aeroflex / Metelics

The Aeroflex / Metelics MGR-700 Series are general purpose Schottky Barrier diodes specially designed to achieve a high voltage breakdown. This series of diodes can be used in the UHF and VHF frequency bands for pulse shaping, sampling and as fast logic gates. [See More]

  • Diode Type: Schottky
  • IR: 1.00E-4
  • VF: 0.4100
  • Tj: -55 to 150
High Current Schottky Barrier Rectifier -- SB520
from Elite Semiconductor Products, Inc.

Features: Low cost. Plastic package has Underwriters Laboratory Flammability Classification 94V-0. Dual rectifier construction, positive center-tap. Metal Silicon rectifier, majority carrier conduction. Low power loss, high efficiency. High current capability, low forward voltage drop. High surge... [See More]

  • Diode Type: Schottky
  • VRRM: 20
  • Lead Style: Axial
  • VF: 0.5500
from Shindengen America, Inc.

Schottky rectifiers (SBD) / single (axial) [See More]

  • Diode Type: Schottky
  • VF: 0.8200
  • Lead Style: Axial