Pneumatic Industrial Vibrators Datasheets

BD Series Pneumatic Concrete Vibrators
from Badger Meter

The BD Pneumatic Concrete Vibrator series utilizes a built-in pneumatically driven motor which has only two moving parts, the vane and rotor. Compressed air is supplied to the vibrator through the air valve and inner hose. Air flows into the rotor, passes through the passage ways in the vane, back... [See More]

  • Power: Pneumatic
Industrial Vibrator
from DEPRAG, Inc.

Application: to stir molding - as an external vibrator for container housing - receptacles - slides - drainage fixtures and tilting wagons and condense sand - dirt - concrete - etc. [See More]

  • Power: Pneumatic
EP121B: Pneumatic external vibrators -- 1789057
from Atlas Copco USA

Suitable for all concrete mixers on civil engineering sites and in precast factories. One single moving part improves the possibilities for trouble-free operation. No periodic maintenance required. The integrated noise reducer makes these vibrators very quiet. Available with quick-release brackets... [See More]

  • Power: Pneumatic
  • Force: 1821
Air Piston Vibrator -- Model SAM
from Cleveland Vibrator Company (The)

Model SAM and model ACM air-cushioned piston vibrators provide powerful yet quiet vibration. Quiet because the piston is cushioned on a pad of air at the end of each stroke ensuring no metal to metal contact. Standard features include a built-in exhaust manifold, which captures the exhausting air... [See More]

  • Power: Pneumatic
  • Diameter: 1
  • Type: Linear
  • Length: 5.88
Pneumatic Vibrator -- 2614
from Eriez

Oscillating piston-type vibrators are ideal for small hoppers, tables and transfer chures. [See More]

  • Power: Pneumatic
  • Diameter: 2.13
  • Type: Linear
  • Length: 4.8