Manual Machining Clamps Datasheets

Rod or Flat Bar Clamp -- VG02201 [VG02201 from Emerson Power Transmission]
from Applied Industrial Technologies

2.300" Length; N/A Distance Between Rails; Keyhole Hole Style; Polyamide Material; Rod or Flat Bar Clamp Type; Use With Guide Rail [See More]

  • Actuation: Manual
  • Clamping Width: 2.3
  • Clamp type: Rod or Flat Bar Clamp
  • Clamping Mechanism: Screw
Cam Clamps -- Cam Edge Clamp
from Carr Lane Manufacturing Co.

Pivoting-nose edge clamp operated by a cam handle for fast action. Nose pivots to exert clamping force forward and downward at the same time. Smooth spiral cam locks positively anywhere within its 180 ° throw. [See More]

  • Actuation: Manual
  • Application: Metalworking
  • Clamp type: Cam Clamps; Side / Edge Clamp
  • Clamping Width: 1.25 to 1.75
Hand-Slide Extending Clamps
from Carr Lane Roemheld Mfg. Co.

FEATURES: These clamps have a lever arm that is extended and retracted by hand, then clamped hydraulically. Simple, solid design provides high force and long reach, with excellent protection against flood coolant, chips, and welding spatter. Ideal for clamping in narrow recesses. Clamping arm... [See More]

  • Actuation: Manual
  • Application: Work Holding
  • Clamp type: Rocker Clamp
  • Capacity / Jaw Opening: 2.64 to 2.8
Hook Clamp -- Compact
from Fixtureworks

These hook clamps combine high clamping forces and compact design. They are ideal for applications where space is limited. Hook clamps are commonly used to hold down fixture and work pieces on a wide variety of machines. The clamp is actuated in both directions with the hex screw on top of the clamp... [See More]

  • Actuation: Manual
  • Application: Light Duty (Office or Drafting); Machine Shop
  • Clamp type: Hook / Swing Clamp
  • Load Limit: 450 to 787
Compact Toe Clamp: MB-10 Cam Screw x 3/8 Key Screw -- 35232
from Te-Co, Inc.

Product Information. Positive down force. Cam action. Clamp base should be Installed in a slot to retain location. Mounting screws included. Available in three sizes. Clamps can be used in series. Clamp base provides for higher clamping - height is determined by depth of slot. *"E" is the distance... [See More]

  • Actuation: Manual
  • Application: Metalworking
  • Clamp type: Toe Clamp
  • Clamping Mechanism: Screw
Knurled Head Swivel Pad Clamps -- NSCH329
from Vlier

Vlier Knurled Head Model Swivel Pad Clamps offer finger-tight clamping with an easy to grip knurled head. Holds parts with off-angle surfaces without marring or damaging the surfaces. Hardened bearing surface absorbs screw torque. [See More]

  • Actuation: Manual
  • Application: Machine Shop
  • Clamp type: Swivel Pad Clamp
  • Clamping Width: 1
C-Clamp for the HF, HM, HS, HT and LS Series Lights, Black -- 27712 [27712 from Sunnex, Inc.]
from All-Spec Industries

"The Sunnex 27712 is a C-clamp for the HF, HM, HS, HT and LS series lights." [See More]

  • Actuation: Manual
  • Application: Light Duty (Office or Drafting)
  • Clamp type: C-Clamp
  • Clamping Mechanism: Screw
Economy Line Machined Mold Clamps -- MCM Series
from DME Company

• Low Cost. • Nice Finish. • Machined Accuracy. • Versatile Fit & Design [See More]

  • Actuation: Manual
  • Clamp Straps: Clamp Strap Assembly
  • Clamp type: Mold Clamp
  • Strap Type: Forked / "U" Clamp (optional feature); Plain / Taper Nose Clamp (optional feature); Open and Closed Toe Clamps
KONTEC Mechanical Clamping -- KSE 21-8
from SCHUNK Inc.

The workpieces are clamped with a hexagon socket key. Turning the clamping screw clockwise moves the center clamping wedge downward. Both jaws slide outward through the wedge shape and clamp the workpieces. Loosening the clamping screw will return the center clamping wedge over an internal return... [See More]

  • Actuation: Manual
  • Application: General Engineering and Production
  • Clamp type: Side / Edge Clamp
  • Clamping Width: 0.8268