Mold Equipment Machining Clamps Datasheets

Die/Mold Clamp -- 62801
from Jergens, Inc.

Four models of Die/Mold Clamps are available. Part number 62801 provides 4000 lbs. of output pressure. It is only available in the T-Slot mounting style. The T-Slot mount allows the clamp to be mounted on a machine base via a T-Slot nut, thus allowing the clamp to slide to and from the workpiece. [See More]

  • Application: Mold Equipment
  • Load Limit: 4000
  • Clamp type: Die/Mold Clamp
  • Actuation: Hydraulic; Pneumatic
Double Acting Clamping Unit -- QMC 101.450
from Stäubli Corporation

Double acting clamping units. Hydraulic clamping and unclamping. Irreversible clamping of moulds by means of integral thrust system. Clamping force acting perpendicular to the mould backplate defined by the clamping pressure and independant from the surface condition of the back plates. [See More]

  • Application: Mold Equipment
  • Load Limit: 11128
  • Clamp type: Retracting Clamp
  • Actuation: Hydraulic
Economy Line Machined Mold Clamps -- MCM Series
from DME Company

• Low Cost. • Nice Finish. • Machined Accuracy. • Versatile Fit & Design [See More]

  • Application: Mold Equipment
  • Clamp Straps: Clamp Strap Assembly
  • Clamp type: Mold Clamp
  • Strap Type: Forked / "U" Clamp (optional feature); Plain / Taper Nose Clamp (optional feature); Open and Closed Toe Clamps