Tapped / Tapped Heel Clamp Machining Clamps Datasheets

Clamp Straps -- Aluminum Clamp Strap
from Carr Lane Manufacturing Co.

Soft Tapped-Heel Clamp Strap made of high-strength aluminum alloy, available with a plain nose or locator nose. Gooseneck design provides additional machining clearance above clamp. Locator-nose version is ideal for workpieces with machined sides. The accurately machined locating notch ensures... [See More]

  • Strap Type: Tapped / Tapped-heel Clamp; Plain / Taper Nose Clamp
  • Application: Metalworking
  • Clamp Straps: Clamp Strap Assembly (optional feature); Strap Only
  • Clamping Width: 1.62 to 2.12
Modular Fixturing Grid Plates -- Modular Clamps - Hi-Rise
from Fixtureworks

These high rise clamp assemblies are designed for use with the quick lock risers and screws. This system allows for quickly assembling clamps to fixture plates. These clamps quickly attach to the risers to obtain the necessary height for clamping of the work piece. The strap clamp is slotted to... [See More]

  • Strap Type: Tapped / Tapped-heel Clamp
  • Application: Light Duty (Office or Drafting)
  • Clamp Straps: Clamp Strap Assembly
  • Clamping Width: 1.77
2'' Long U-Clamp from Jig & Bore Kit -- 30001
from Te-Co, Inc.

Product Information. Included in jig bore kit. Material 1018 Steel. Black Oxide Finish. Case Hardened [See More]

  • Strap Type: Tapped / Tapped-heel Clamp; Forked / "U" Clamp
  • Application: Metalworking
  • Clamp Straps: Strap Only
  • Material: Steel

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