Wedge Machining Clamps Datasheets

Self-Centering Vises -- Parallel-Slide Self-Centering Clamps
from Carr Lane Manufacturing Co.

These compact self-centering clamps are designed to center and clamp a workpiece using an exterior or interior contour as a reference surface. High-precision centering with +/-.0008" repeatability. By a clever arrangement of the center of rotation to the hydraulic piston, the resisting capacity of... [See More]

  • Clamping Mechanism: Wedge
  • Application: Metalworking
  • Clamp type: Parallel Slide Self-Centering Clamp
  • Load Limit: 3000 to 7500
KP-10-350 Clamping cartridge -- 178455
from Festo Corporation

Clamping cartridge KP-10-350 Assembly position=Any, Type of clamping with direction of action=(* at both ends, * Clamping with spring, release with compressed air), Design structure=Tilting disks, Variants=Single-ended piston rod, Operating pressure= <= 10 bar [See More]

  • Clamping Mechanism: Wedge
  • Load Limit: 78.68
  • Capacity / Jaw Opening: 0.3937
  • Actuation: Pneumatic
Double Wedge Clamp - Serrated Jaws - M12 Socket Head Screw -- OKDK2-WT
from Fixtureworks

Provide a fast and flexible workholding solution. These low profile clamps expand evenly on both vertical and horizontal planes as they are tightened down. They thrust the work piece against a stop and prevent movement on the fastening base. They are designed to fit between the pieces to be... [See More]

  • Clamping Mechanism: Wedge
  • Load Limit: 20232
  • Clamp type: Wedge Clamp
  • Actuation: Manual
KONTEC Mechanical Clamping -- KSE 21-8
from SCHUNK Inc.

The workpieces are clamped with a hexagon socket key. Turning the clamping screw clockwise moves the center clamping wedge downward. Both jaws slide outward through the wedge shape and clamp the workpieces. Loosening the clamping screw will return the center clamping wedge over an internal return... [See More]

  • Clamping Mechanism: Screw; Wedge
  • Application: General Engineering and Production
  • Clamp type: Side / Edge Clamp
  • Clamping Width: 0.8268
"WTB" Series Tube Clamp
from Welker Engineered Products

WEL-GRIP WIRE & TUBE CLAMPS. Enables rapid load/unload of formed parts, improving productivity & part quality. Compact size reduces tool size, congestion, and robot payload requirements. Improves tool availability and reduces maintenance, no lubrication required. Trouble free operation in... [See More]

  • Clamping Mechanism: Wedge
  • Application: Machine Shop; ToolMounting
  • Clamp type: Retracting Clamp; Tube Clamp
  • Capacity / Jaw Opening: 0.4724 to 1.97