Tube Processing Laser Optics, Heads, and Beam Delivery Components Datasheets

CO2 Laser Markers -- LP-300
from Panasonic

The entry-level LP-300 series provides an excellent low-cost alternative to traditional marking and labeling technologies such as stamping, ink-jet printing and chemical etching. The LP-300 series are CO2 lasers appropriate for marking of non-metal objects. [See More]

  • Applications / Processes: Forming , Cladding or Repair; Tube; Cutting; Marking
  • Laser Type: CO2
  • Type: Laser Optics or Beam Delivery Components; Laser head or focusing module; Galvanometer; Dump or shutter; Expander; Galvanometer or Switching Mirror; Guidance Module or Robotic Arm for Flying Optics; Monitoring System or Sensors; PointingDiode
  • Power Rating: 1 to 10