Receiver Only RF Modules Datasheets

RF Receiver, Transmitter, and Transceiver Finished Units -- 1188-1111-ND [MOD-GPS from Olimex, Ltd.]
from Digi-Key Electronics


  • Device Type: Receiver
  • Operating Frequency: 1575
  • Applications: General Purpose
  • Interface Type: Serial Interface
F4 Series - GPS Receiver -- RXM-GPS-F4
from Linx Technologies

SiRF-IV GPS Receiver for Positioning, Tracking and Navigation. The F4 Series GPS receiver module is a self-contained high-performance GPS receiver. Based on the SiRFstar IV chipset, it provides exceptional sensitivity, even in dense foliage and urban canyons. The module ’s very low power... [See More]

  • Device Type: Receiver
  • Operating Frequency: 1575
  • Applications: Mobile / Wireless Systems; Fleet Management, Security /Loss Prevention, Logistics
  • Sensitivity: -160 to -144
Wireless Receiver -- OMWT-REC232
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

The OMWT-REC232 is a 418 MHz radio receiver designed to receive and decode packet data from all OMWT Series wireless transmitters. The OMWT-REC232 decodes the CRC-16 encoded packets and translates them to ASCII strings that are sent out the RS-232 serial port to the PC at 19200 Baud. No hardware... [See More]

  • Device Type: Receiver
  • Operating Frequency: 418
  • Applications: Mobile / Wireless Systems
  • Transmission Distance: 180
GPS Low Noise Amplifier / Filter Module -- TQM640002
from Qorvo

GPS Low Noise Amplifier / Filter Module. Key Features. Low noise figure & high associated gain for high IP3 receiver stages for 1575 MHz. NF = 1.56 dB. Gain = 16 dB @ 1.8 V. No external matching components required. Low current consumption and low voltage operation. High immunity against inband... [See More]

  • Device Type: Receiver
  • Operating Frequency: 1575
  • Applications: Mobile / Wireless Systems
  • RF Connectors: Chip
RF Receiver Module -- A1035-E [V23993-A1035-E from Vincotech (Germany) GmbH]
from Richardson RFPD

Vincotech's smart GPS antenna A1035-E is the combination of a highly integrated GPS receiver module and a ceramic GPS patch antenna. The antenna is connected to the module via an LNA. The module is capable of receiving signals from up to 12 GPS satellites and transferring them into position and... [See More]

  • Device Type: Receiver
  • Package Type: PCB Subassembly
  • Operating Frequency: 1575
  • Supply Voltage: 1.8
Low-Power Bluetooth® Low Energy Front-End Module -- SKY66110-11
from Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

The SKY66110-11 is a highly integrated front-end module (FEM) designed for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) applications operating in the 2.4 to 2.485 G Hz range. [See More]

  • Device Type: Receiver
  • Operating Frequency: 2400 to 2485
  • Applications: Wearable Technology
  • Package Type: Surface Mount
from ACE Antenna Company

Front End Unit for main base station includes RF circuit control part, monitoring part, and LNA. Design group to cope with customer specified Product specification exists and Technology Know-how for Low Loss, NF, High Isolation, PIMD, High power guarantee of FEU ’s main standard is possessed. [See More]

  • Device Type: Receiver
  • Package Type: Unit
  • Applications: RF Microwave
RF & Microwave - GaAs MMIC LNA/IRM Receiver -- AMMP-6522
from Avago Technologies

Avago ’s AMMP-6522 is an easy-to-use broadband integrated receiver in a surface mount package. The MMIC includes a 3-stage LNA to provide gain amplification and a gate-pumped image-reject mixer for frequency translation. The overall receiver performs Single Side Band down-conversion in the 7... [See More]

  • Device Type: Receiver
  • Operating Frequency: 7 to 20
  • Applications: Mobile / Wireless Systems; Salellite Communications; RF Microwave
  • Receiver Inputs: 1
Complete SDARS Receiver -- MAX2140
from Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.

The MAX2140 complete receiver is designed for satellite digital audio radio services (SDARS). The device includes a fully monolithic VCO and only needs a SAW at the IF and a crystal to generate the reference frequency. To form a complete SDARS radio, the MAX2140 requires only a low-noise amplifier... [See More]

  • Device Type: Receiver
  • Package Type: Surface Mount
Magnetic Resonance Receiver -- Model 2997
from Netcom, Inc.

16 bit digitalization, receiver blanking, RF to digital converter [See More]

  • Device Type: Receiver
  • Package Type: PCB Mounted
  • Operating Frequency: 5 to 200
  • RF Modulation: RF to Digital
from Newark / element14

433MHz SUPER-REGEN RECEIVER; Frequency Range:280MHz to 433.99MHz; Data Rate Max:4.8Kbps; Supply Current:4mA; Modulation Type:ASK, OOK; Development Tool Type:Hardware - Daughter Card; Kit Contents:433MHz Super-Regen Receiver [See More]

  • Device Type: Receiver
  • RF Modulation: On-Off Keyed; Amplitude Shift Key
  • Operating Frequency: 280 to 434
  • Supply Current: 4
from RFM (RF Monolithics, Inc.)

The DR-RXC101 Evaluation Board allows for evaluationof the RF performance of the RXC101 Receiver. Theboards are designed to serve as a standalone evaluationtool or a simple code development platform. [See More]

  • Device Type: Receiver
  • Operating Frequency: 315
  • Applications: Mobile / Wireless Systems
  • Package Type: Unit