32-Bit Electronic Development Boards Datasheets

900MHz HumPRO™ Series Evaluation Module -- EVM-900-PRO
from Linx Technologies

The evaluation module contains the surface mount HumPRO ™ Series transceiver module and an MMCX connector on a single board with through-hole headers. This small board simplifies prototyping with the HumPRO ™ Series module. [See More]

  • Bus Width: 32-Bit
  • Development Tool: Break Out Board
  • Category: Developement Board
  • Signal Type: Digital
Explorer 16 100-Pin Development Board -- DM240001
from Microchip Technology, Inc.

The Explorer 16 is a low cost, efficient development board to evaluate the features and performance of Microchip's new PIC24 Microcontroller, the dsPIC33 Digital Signal Controller (DSC) families, and the new 32-bit PIC32MX devices. Coupled with the MPLAB ICD 2 In Circuit Debugger or MPLAB REAL ICE,... [See More]

  • Bus Width: 32-Bit
  • Signal Type: Analog; Digital
  • Category: Developement Board
  • Supported System: DSP; Microcontroller
6810917 [AC244005 from Microchip Technology, Inc.]
from RS Components, Ltd.

Classification:Accessory; Technology:32 bit [See More]

  • Bus Width: 32-Bit
  • Manufacturer: Microchip (PIC®)
  • Category: Developement Board
Cyclone III FPGA Starter Kit
from Altera Corporation

The economical Cyclone III FPGA Starter Kit is easy to use and an ideal introduction if you have never designed with FPGAs before. If you are an experienced FPGA designer considering the Cyclone III architecture, you'll love building systems leveraging the 60 percent (on average) faster performance... [See More]

  • Bus Width: 8-Bit; 16-Bit; 32-Bit
  • Development Tool: Circuit Emulator
  • Category: Development Suite / Kit
  • Supported System: FPGA
RealView ICE (RVI) Debug Adapter
from ARM Inc.

RealView ICE (RVI) and RealView Trace 2 (RVT2) are ARM's legacy target connection units. Although not as powerful as the DSTREAM combined debug and trace unit, RVI and RVT2 still provide suitable target connection functionality for RVD users. RVI ™ run-control debug unit. RVI enables the... [See More]

  • Bus Width: 32-Bit; 64-Bit
  • Development Tool: Debugger / Debug Probe
  • Category: Debug Adapter
  • Signal Type: Digital
JENCOLOR Multiple Color Integrating Sensor Board -- SDK MMCS-INT-EB1
from MAZeT GmbH

SDK MTCS-INT-EBx sensor board with True Color sensor and current/charge converter, SPI interface to base board and USB connection to PC, with testing software. MAZeT MMCS Multiple Color Sensors have six bandpasses in the visible wavelength range. In addition to color measurement, spectral analyses... [See More]

  • Bus Width: 32-Bit
  • Development Tool: Break Out Board
  • Category: Development Suite / Kit
  • Signal Type: Analog

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