Bus Width:Other Electronic Development Boards Datasheets

MCP3551 Delta-Sigma ADC Demo Board -- MCP3551DM-PCTL
from Microchip Technology, Inc.

The MCP3551 Delta-Sigma ADC Demo Board is designed to demonstrate Microchip Technology ’s MCP3551 22-Bit Delta-Sigma Analog-to-Digital (ADC) Converter performance using DataView ™ software installed on a PC. The demo board can be used with MPLAB ® ICD2, PICkit ™ 1 Flash Starter... [See More]

  • Bus Width: 22-Bit; Other
  • Signal Type: Analog; Digital
  • Category: Developement Board
  • Supported System: Analog-to-Digital Converter
7858607 [EVAL-AD7091SDZ from Analog Devices, Inc.]
from RS Components, Ltd.

The EVAL-AD7091SDZ is a fully featured evaluation kit for the AD7091. This board operates in stand alone mode or in conjunction with the System Development Platform, EVAL-SDP-CB1Z . When operated with the System Development Platform software is provided enabling the user to perform detailed analysis... [See More]

  • Bus Width: 12 bit; Other
  • Signal Type: Analog
  • Category: Developement Board
Arria II GZ FPGA Development Kit
from Altera Corporation

Altera's Arria ® II FPGAs deliver substantial cost and power savings over competing devices, while providing high functionality for 6G transceiver-based applications. The 40-nm Arria II family includes the lowest cost FPGA with 6.375-Gbps transceivers and devices with up to 50 percent lower... [See More]

  • Bus Width: 8-Bit; 10-Bit; Other
  • Development Tool: Circuit Emulator
  • Category: Development Suite / Kit
  • Supported System: FPGA
SNAP Bridge and End Drives -- SN111 End Device
from Synapse Wireless

The SN111 End Device provides a latching relay for controlling external devices, and a sensor input with jumper-selectable pullup resistors which allows the connection of a number of off-the-shelf resistive sensor types such as photocells and thermistors. [See More]

  • Bus Width: 10-Bit; Other
  • Development Tool: Circuit Emulator
  • Category: Developement Board
  • Signal Type: Analog; Digital