Function:Other Electronic Development Boards Datasheets

3U COMPACT PCI PROTOTYPING BOARD. GRID OF .1" X .1" PLATED THRU HOLES -- 70012444 [2000-50 from Twin Industries]
from Allied Electronics, Inc.

PVC Insulated Tinned Copper Jumper Wire, 22 AWG Wire Size, 1 ⁄4 " Stripping Length. 0.1 " grid. Prototyping area with plated holes. [See More]

  • Development Tool: Prototyping Board
  • Category: Developement Board
1146036 [UM232R from FTDI Chip]
from Farnell Europe

Single Chip USB to Asynchronous Serial Data Transfer Interface, Auto Transmit Buffer Control, EVALUATION KIT, USB-UART, TTL, FT232RL [See More]

  • Development Tool: Development Kit
  • Supported System: Development
  • Category: Development Suite / Kit
  • Manufacturer: FTDI; Other
In-Line System -- IPS2000NET
from ProMik Gmbh (Seattle Field Office)

The IPS2000NET is an Automatic In-Line Programming and Board Testing Station for Integration in Production Lines. [See More]

  • Development Tool: Debugger / Debug Probe; PCB Tester
  • Signal Type: Digital
  • Category: Development Suite / Kit
  • Supported System: PCB