Wireless Electronic Development Boards Datasheets

Wi-Fi Development Kit for Explorer 16 -- AC164136
from Microchip Technology, Inc.

The IEEE802.11/Wi-Fi ® Development Kit for Explorer 16 demonstrates 802.11 connectivity via the ZG2100M PICtail board for the PIC-microcontroller-based Explorer 16 Development Board. This kit includes a wireless router, a Wi-Fi PICtail board, and a pre-programmed PIM with Microchips free TCP/IP... [See More]

  • Ports: Wireless
  • Supported System: Wireless Systems
  • Category: Development Suite / Kit
  • Manufacturer: Microchip (PIC®)
1209290 [BISMS02BI-01 from Laird Technologies]
from Farnell Europe

Bluetooth Transmission Class1, Data Transfer Rate Upto 300Kbps Over UART, Serial Interface, BLUETOOTH MODULE, SM [See More]

  • Ports: Wireless
  • Development Tool: Bluetooth Module
  • Category: Development Suite / Kit
  • Supported System: Embedded Design
SNAP Bridge and End Drives -- SN111 End Device
from Synapse Wireless

The SN111 End Device provides a latching relay for controlling external devices, and a sensor input with jumper-selectable pullup resistors which allows the connection of a number of off-the-shelf resistive sensor types such as photocells and thermistors. [See More]

  • Ports: Serial Interface; Wireless
  • Development Tool: Circuit Emulator
  • Category: Developement Board
  • Signal Type: Analog; Digital