Airplane Security Seals Datasheets

AmerFlag Aluminum Seal -- AF-1000
from American Casting & Manufacturing Corp.

Lightweight aluminum seal can be supplied with wire attached for all applications. Also available without wire attached. For use in place of lead seals because of weight, temperature or conductivity factors. Ideal for aircraft, chemical, etc. [See More]

  • Applications: Airplane; Cargo / Container; RailCar; Truck; Utility Meter / Government
  • Features: Disposable; Markable; Reusable
  • Sealing Devices: Wire Seals
Semi-Finished Roll Stock -- SID001
from Jordan Products Co.

SID001. Secure-ID ® Semi-Finished Roll Stock in our Standard Layer Construction. Each of these standard layer constructions either highlights one of the Secure-ID Optical Thin Film ’s unique activation capabilities or provides an opportunity for the customer to combine other unique layers... [See More]

  • Applications: Airplane; Cargo / Container; Chemical / Pharmaceutical; Medical / Hospital; Gaming & Voting Machines
  • Sealing Devices: Adhesive Seals (Tape)
Fixed Length Cable Seal - Cable Plus II
from Mega Fortris Americas Inc.

The Cable Plus II seals are very user-friendly and highly tamper evident. They are available with different cable diameters to secure various applications for a range of security requirements. The seals are secured as soon as the wire is clicked into place with the locking mechanism. Cable Plus II... [See More]

  • Applications: Airplane; Cargo / Container; RailCar; Truck; Calibrators, Valves
  • Features: BarCode
  • Sealing Devices: Cable
Plastic Seals
from Oneseal

Custom sizes and markings are available in five colors, pull to tighten [See More]

  • Applications: Airplane; Bags; Truck; Gates, Scales, Hazmat Boxes
  • Features: BarCode; Disposable; Markable
  • Sealing Devices: Plastic Loop (Pull Tight) Seal
Econo Padlock PW-6
from Stoffel Seals Corporation

The Econo Plastic Padlock Seal - PW-6, is an easy to apply plastic padlock seal which features a galvanized or stainless steel wire hasp which can be scored for added protection and easy removal. Any attempt to tamper with the econo padlock seal leaves a clearly evident mark, but seal will continue... [See More]

  • Applications: Airplane; Chemical / Pharmaceutical; Drum / Barrel; Utility Meter / Government; Bar Trolleys
  • Features: Disposable
  • Sealing Devices: Padlock